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Lose Fat, the diet approach.

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Lose Fat, the diet approach.

Postby Fadi » Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:41 am

Please take a moment to read this, thank you: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=24212

Okay, I hear what everyone here is saying however…

We can discuss the concept or rather reality of calorie in and calorie out and the speed of one’s metabolism versus the sluggishness of the other. I’d like to take a somewhat different approach here and look at the most anabolic of all hormones and my favourite: insulin, for without, one can not add any weight be it muscle or fat, (and yes, adding fat is part of anabolism the same way adding muscles is).

So let me just give you a sneak preview of how I think about food; some would say to me that peanuts are a fattening snack food. Or carbs (starch) or fruits are the devil himself and one only need to look at such a food macro to pack on the fat, (that would be the keto camp I’d say)!

I don't think it's so much the fruit or the starch that are in question here as it is the GI and GL component of that food and the timing of its consumption. Yes timing is so critical whether you want to pack on the muscle beef or lose that midsection hugging fat.

Basically what I'm saying is that it all depends on how that particular food stimulate your insulin release and the timing it does so. There are times when your cells are insulin sensitive and other times when they are insulin resistance; you've got to capitalise on the sensitive times and minimise on the resistant times. It goes without saying that a highly and finely tuned athlete not only has his metabolism revving and working in his favour, but his whole body is geared to a more efficient way of burning fuel thanks to his insulin sensitivity.

Coming back to blaming peanuts of being the enemy of one’s desire to lose fat, I say they (the peanuts) are the innocent party here and it’s inactivity, over consumption of calories and /or consuming the wrong type of calorie at the wrong time that is the main culprit here that one needs to ponder upon if one is to be really true and honest with one’s self.

Last but not least, once a winning formula, a working solution is found for your weight management issues, then you’d need to be so extremely consistent until the main objective (irrespective of what it may be) is realised. You all deserve nothing less than to realising your true and magnificent potential.

In summary: to me calories = energy, and energy = kick arse workouts, so why reduce calories more than you have to is what I’m asking? Would it not be better to pick and choose the appropriate calories for your body’s need and have more of them instead of less due to wrong food choices coupled with wrong timing? For example, one can have 1500 calories set out haphazardly with the only concern being the caloric count itself, versus 2000 calories that are planned and well thought after based on one’s insulin sensitivity and fitness level.

Over to you now and thank you for reading…


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