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Fat But Healthy

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Fat But Healthy

Postby nothing2lose » Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:21 pm

Hi all

I wondered if there is anyone else out there in the same position as me...

I am obese ...okay, morbidly obese :oops: I am 165cm, I weigh 105.5kg and have a BMI of 38-ish. For the past few years I have been getting full blood tests done for a variety of reasons. Each year (to my eternal surprise) I shock both myself and my doctor by being a textbook case of good health. I have "perfect" blood sugar, cholesterol, good fats, blood pressure, kidney function, liver function, etc, etc. The only thing I am low on is vitamin D and iron (I also have PCOS and Adenyomyosis/Endometriosis but that is another matter). Why is this so??? Looking at me, and my stats, I would have thought I would I would be falling apart internally....

Of course I know I am still a prime candidate for all of the nasties that come with obesity and that my relative "good health" could change at the drop of the hat (as soon as my body stops being in denial and realises I IS FAT :lol: )

I think it is interesting nevertheless. Anyone else in the same boat??



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Re: Fat But Healthy

Postby MissSonia » Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:25 pm

My stats are similar to yours. I'm 5'5 and currently weigh around the 92kg mark. I've had countless tests with everything being "perfect" according to my doctor. My only downfall is that I have LOW blood pressure. I find it odd that someone who is overweight/obese has low blood pressure, but I guess that just makes me odd :)
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Re: Fat But Healthy

Postby Sara89 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:43 am

Im in the same boat, I'm 167 and 105kgs but my tests all say I'm healthy the only problem I have is poor sleeping patterns and insomnia which my doctor says may be cause by my weight.
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