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Weighted Dips

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Weighted Dips

Postby fredwinners » Thu Aug 26, 2010 4:31 pm

I am going to be starting the Bill Starrs/Madcow 5x5 routine on the 1st and just have a question about a couple of the exercises.

They list weighted dips as an assistance exercise (whatever that means, but consider it done). Im curious what the best way to do that in my gym is. I could grab a free weight bench and do chair dips but how should i add weight? Is it gonna be fairly easy to just hold a plate on my lap? There are two other options. They have a machine where you sit and put your back up against the pad and then push down on two bars sticking out (same form as a chair dip) but you can change the weight. The third way i can do them is just on the two parallel bars they have. I think the last way is probably the best way to do dips but i would have no idea how to add weight doing them that way. Any advice?

The only other exercise I'm not completely certain on how to do cause ive never done them before are high pulls? I understand its like a clean but your dont get under the weight. I see plenty of videos of people online doing them but everyones form is slightly different. Can you guys send me a good link for high pulls? Also id prefer a way to do them without just dropping the bar like an ******* after every rep. That wouldnt fly in my gym and the majority of people i see online doing them do that.
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Re: Weighted Dips

Postby JustBe » Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:27 pm

Hey fred, usually for weighted dips you would get a belt with a chain on it that you can clip a free weight (amazingly referred to as a dip belt!). They usually cost $40 or so, although I'm sure you could probably find a good cheap one second hand.

An alternative that a few of my pals use is to get a dumb-bell that they're comfortable with and grip it between their feet to add the weight, although in my experience its not the most comfortable thing ever.

Hope this helps :)

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