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Help! Why is my weight loss going so slowly?

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Help! Why is my weight loss going so slowly?

Postby Sanov22 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:31 am

Hi all,

I'm 23, female, 167cm... 4 weeks ago I was 79kg, so more than just a couple of kilos to lose. 4 weeks ago I was exercising pretty much never and eating quite poorly - a lot of high fat and sugar foods.

For the last 4 weeks I've joined a "bootcamp" that runs twice a week, it's a moderate-high intensity workout for 45mins. Also I've been taking myself for a jog at least another two times a week (jog about 2km then brisk walk back home, takes me about 35-40mins)... so moderate itensity.

I've also changed my eating habits - I'm having a cup of green tea in the morning religiously, and only 3 fairly healthy meals per day (usually a 'good' cereal like porridge or all bran for breakfast, then for lunch a sandwich if I'm out or scrambled eggs on toast if I'm home, and for dinner whatever mum cooks which is always healthy - always has some veggies or salad with it)... I realise this isn't the "ideal" weightloss diet but I know from previous attempts that the best strategy for me is to not really be thinking about food til I'm hungry. 5-6 meals a day or meals that take much thought/preperation just don't work for me. Without being ideal I still think my eating is fairly healthy now.

Well, I've lost 2kg in the 4 weeks, which is gooood... but really I was hoping to lose at least 1 kilo a week... I wanted to be down to 60-65kg by mid November for a holiday. I realise muscle weighs more than fat, and I have traded SOME fat for muscle, but I feel like that was mostly during the first 2 weeks and since then I've just been maintaining the muscles I built, and still only losing around 0.5kg/week of fat. I've also read that bodies resist weight loss at first so it can take a few weeks to get things going... but shouldn't 4 weeks have been more than enough? Also I know what the scale says isn't necessarily a great way to measure progess but even from looking in the mirror and how my clothes feel it feels like things are taking too long.

I feel like I've changed my eating habits and exercise more than "a bit", so I should be losing more than "a bit". Any suggestions as to what could be going on and how I could speed things up?

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