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Where do you start?

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Where do you start?

Postby letsgetphysicaljess » Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:30 am

Hi Everyone,

Im new to this forum, When it comes to starting weight loss where do you start? I exercise 3 times a week which im going to increase to 5 times Im also going to eat healthier food but I think I need help with..what sort of exercise and food etc.
Im 20 and Im 90kg and I want to be 65kg by the time im 21.....
I hope you can help :D
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Re: Where do you start?

Postby CronicBadger » Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:38 pm

Hi lgpjess,

From what I've seen on this and other websites, starting out on the path to weight-loss is different for each person, but there are a number of aspects that can be generalised. My own experience of starting out seven months ago coincides with that of a fair amount of other commentators, and is roughly as follows:

1) Education.
Learn how and why fat is stored in the body. Find out what the major components of food are and how they relate to each other. Fibre, carbohydrates, fat, protein, nutritional balance, energy intake, energy expenditure, portion size, food energy density, etc. Also understand the difference between weight-loss and fat-loss. Weight can be lost (and gained), at least in the short term, by changes in water retention and muscle bulk.

2) Find out what you're initially capable of.
Your ability to exercise regularly, resistance to impulse purchases of food, stopping snacking and grazing, eating correct foods, ability to stay focused on a goal in either the short or long term. Different people have varying abilities to handle the above.

As a result, mix and match the above so that the result is the same - maintain nutritional value of food while lessening the energy intake so that fat stores are used up. There are other considerations of course, such as maintaining metabolic rate, but those are addressed in detail elsewhere in this forum (do a keyword search).

3) Don't be afraid of change and of trying new things - new food, new ways of thinking. Staying the same person doing the same things may be comforting, but nothing will happen in the long run.

4) Be inspired by the awesome weight-loss stories of other members of the forum. Ask questions, get involved.

5) Read the many excellent articles and use the calculators and charts on the main website.
Striving to improve in every way possible.
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Re: Where do you start?

Postby LisaJustdoit » Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:12 pm

Hi everyone,
I've just joined this forum and am hoping to get some ideas and inspiration from fellow forum members.
Ive decided to get healthy and lose the extra weight Ive piled on during the past years. I know what I need to do its just having the willpower to stick to it. I think by changing little things maybe I can make it work, I need to excercise but with a knee that requires replacement Im only able to use the excercise bike which I figure as long as I do 30 min a day thats a start and no iced coffees or odd fizzy drinks which I also can do but I must admit I'll start using no fat milk and a little coffee to wean off the iced coffees in a week, Im lucky I love water :) . And in the long run I'm determined to get down at least 30 kilos for a start. Ill be 50 next year and want to look and feel a lot healthier and wear the clothes I want.
You know what ,its made me feel so much better to know how many other people out there are looking to lose weight, maybe we can help each other
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