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New to Duromine

Postby ingridemily » Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:00 pm

Hi, I'm Ingrid... :) I am 23 and have had an issue with weight ever since I finished school (and sports) at the age of 17.
I am currently 175cm in height and weigh 120kg. Please bare in mind, whilst this sounds very heavy (and it is)... I am an ex swimmer and like to think I have kept alot of the muscel from my history... therefore, BMI goes in to the garbage.

a bit of backround; I have tried calorie counting, tony ferguson, weight watchers, excessive excersize.......... and all have failed. By fail, I mean.. the first 10 kilo have literally fallen off, then it's become harder and the moment I become discouraged, the weight is back!! To summerise - My body doesn't seem to want to exceed 10 kilos of loss and it becomes very hard to stay motivated.
Because my Doctor is concerned about my health and what it is doing to my confidence he has prescribed 'Duromine' and an appointment with a dieticion.
I am excited about attempting some thing new but have done alot of research on Duromine and I don't know how I feel about it now that I have educated myself not only on the pro's, but the con's.
I was hoping that people who have either tried this or know some one who has and consiquently know a bit about Duromine could assist in helping me make a decision as to whether to go ahead with it :)

Thanks in advance,
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