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weight wont budge no matter what I do

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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weight wont budge no matter what I do

Postby athenak » Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:24 pm

Hopefully someone takes the time to read my story.. please I need help
Hi my daughter has PCOs and insulin resistance. She is aged 19.When she was 16 years old she weighted 55 kilos in October 2007.Her periods stoped for a year and I took her to a gynaecologist who said its fine the periods will come when they are ready. She was always eating health and playing soccer 3 times a week. I cook very healthy at home with no carbs. At the age of 18 2009 in January went to 65 kilos and after that within 3 months she went to 73 kilos and she went on a strict diet herself but was putting .In April 09 she was diagnosed with PCOS which is when we started to do something about it. We have tried Bi-trim diet and she was not loosing any fat putting on, tried Lean diet, Censored ,Then we went and saw Prof Eden and he put her on Metformin 2000 a day and Yasmine and he told us to see nutritionist Joanne Turner who put her on Tony Ferguson and was so confident she has not had a client who did not loose weight but she put on another 5 kilos and then she told us to follow a diet but she still did not loose. Then she said there is nothing she can do and to go and see a psychologist and get used her weight.. we were heart broken. Then I did more research as I was not going to give up..and went to Prof Kidson and he took her off the Yasmin and increased her metformin to 3000 a day. He also recommended to see Geraldine Diets and she put her on a diet again. She was not loosing for about a year and in August to Sep this year she lost about 5 kilos and She lost about 5 kilos. Then in Oct she put the 5 kilos back.. not changing anything. We are still with Prof Kidson and we are seeing him on 18th Nov and she re did all test. For about 2 years she has been exercising the last year she goes to the gym everyday and does Dancing Zubba and plays soccer 3-4 times a week. She eats like egg with 1 toast in the morning, or omelette , fruit or carrot for snack , chicken/meta or fish with salad or vegies size of palm (but also tried 70g)10 nut snack, or a couple of strawberries or celery, and chicken ,meat or fish with vegies or salad for dinner. We have done the 3 meals a day, the 5 meals a day, the shakes, the really strict diet with heaps of exercise and the weight is not budging. She is taking Fish oil, magnesium, some spray foe energy, metformin , vitamin D and nothing is working. Her results with Thyroid and stuff are all ok...She has had 2 abyss removed fro vagina about a year ago and she has had a gull bladder out. I know she does not eat as you might say I may be a bad mother but I have followed her around to see ,I have asked her friends in a different way where I don't embarrass her and they all eat healthy as they all go to the gym together. I have checked her bags for wrappers and I have put things counted things in the house to see if she has eaten...
I know muscle weighs more than fat.. but she should have lost 10-15 kilos with the food she is eating and the exercise she is doing. We have also tried with less exercise and that is not working.

Psychology she is ok just gets frustrated every time she weighs herself its not budging. She is trying so hard and the weight will not budge.. We have tried every single diet in different ways.I do not know anyone who has been dieting for 2 years (even though she has eaten healthy in the past) and exercises so much and still cannot loose weight.

I have come to a brick wall and need help desperately.. Pleaseeeee if you can escalate this problem to someone who is very experience and tell me what is wrong with her and what we can do t help her. She now weight 78kilos.I even offered to the doctors to take to America anywhere to get results... please please we need help...and desperately before she gives up.
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Re: weight wont budge no matter what I do

Postby Never looking back » Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:54 am

Hi Athenak,

Im in a similar situation. I have PCOs as well. But i must admit im a little stubborn and dont take my diabex/Metformin regualrly! in a way i refuse to take meds at age 22. As you would know with PCOs your more like to gain weight and its harder to lose. But i know the reason i put on weight cause i eat badly, outings with friends and over eat sometimes (which has also caused me to have very high cholesterol!). I know you said you have played "investigator" (which i know my mum does sometimes lol) but there still maybe a chance that she may be eating other things, but she is really good at hiding it. And from experience its quite frustrating when you know your mother and family are watching your every move (im sorry to say, but again i know from experience), you tend to do the opposite, not care and eat what you like in secret. Also dont go to her friends cause, her freinds will most likely tell her... Im so so sorry if i sounded harsh just that i have experienced the same situation!

Im not an expert and clearly you have been to every doctor/dietician on the face of the earth, but i still believe its the food you eat.... A friend of mine has PCOs also and her mum said the same, her daughter eats healthy, execrcies etc etc but cant put lose weight, but in the lead up to her 18th birthday she lost about 6-7kgs (and looked amazing btw)! Because she was determined and had it set in her mind she would lose weight.

I've also tried shakes Tony furgeson... i cannot possibly DRINK my breakfast and lunch! its terrible never again! I have to eat real food, where you can eat and savour the taste and textures. Im on lite n easy at the moment. and the food is great!, and compared to what your daughter is eating now, it is a lot more food on the plan, more variety, just the portions are controlled. The good thing about it is, everything you eat in the week are portioned and packed, divided in bags for each day. The dinners are great im eating rice, pasta, tortellini, crumbed fish and chicken, to name a few.
Friends of mine are also on lite n easy and once a week - they have 1 meal they eat what they want (pizza, maccas, chocolate).. and they are still loosing weight! I have lost 2.2kgs in the first week. with exercise about 3 times a week.
You could try lite n easy, as its cheaper than flying to America!.... and also you know exactly what she will be eating! (unless she eats things out side the plan.... )

Its only a suggestion..... and again im no expert.... only from my own personal experience....

Also i just want to say your a GREAT MUM, just like my mum, so loving , and caring and only want to see your baby girl happy and smile!

YS - Never give up.
ps. what you wrote about someone telling you , you should take her to a psychologist to get her used to her weight , is ridiculous. :shock:
Never looking back
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Re: weight wont budge no matter what I do

Postby JP1 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:53 am

hearfelt regards to a top mum who obviously cares.. I'm sorry I can't help with your problem but wish you and your daughter all the best..

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Re: weight wont budge no matter what I do

Postby Robin » Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:44 am

Hi, as someone who has always been "overweight", I know how hard society can be on those who do not fit the (current) idea of beauty - but please don't get too obsessed about weight.

It has been proven in recent research that it is possible to be fit (and healthy) when a person is "overweight". Remember, the height and weight charts were published many years ago (in the 1930's if my memory is correct) - by insurance companies - not doctors. These charts do not take into account things such as bone or muscle mass, ethnic background, age, or gender. They are a rough guide only!

Yo-yo dieting or constant dieting are much more dangerous to health than carrying a few extra kilos.

Dieting in the usually accepted way i.e. deprivation or restriction - leads to re-bound weight-gain.

Aim to keep blood-pressure, cholesterol, blood-sugar, hormones etc within the medically accepted healthy range. This should be done with a varied diet which contains high-nutrition fresh foods. Also avoid smoking, drugs, alcohol excess or binging, nutrition-depleted foods e.g. junk or processed foods.

Constant attention to weight loss or gain can lead to bullimia or anorexia - especially in young females. These can lead to severe health problems, infertility, and even death.

Over exercising can also be detrimental to weight-loss and general health. All that is really necessary is 30 minutes of exercise per day where you are puffing but still able to hold a conversation. The most effective exercise is short spurts of high intensity e.g. running - followed by low intensity recovery periods e.g. walking. Muscle-building exercise e.g. weights also helps with healthy weight-loss - because muscle burns more energy than fat - and increases the metabolic rate.

Good nutrition is vital to achieve weight-loss. If the body is deprived of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids etc - it will do everything it can to correct the deficiency. It will use hunger and cravings in the hope of getting what it needs to survive and be healthy. It will force the person to continue eating huge quantities of food until it gets the nutrients it needs. It can also go into "starvation mode" (where it holds onto everything it can by lowering the metabolic rate).

Carbohydrates and fats are necessary for good health - and to prevent the body going into "starvation mode" (where it holds onto every gram of body-fat it can). It is the type of carbohydrates and fats which is important.

Some carbs rapidly convert to sugar (useful when energy demands are high). However, excess sugar is converted to fat - so it is important not to eat more than are required for immediate use by the body.

"Good" carbs are those which the body digests slowly - so that there is a sustained release of energy. These are mostly found in vegetables, brown rice, berries and other foods which have a high fibre content. Even a small potato is ok occasionally if it is eaten with its skin (fibre). These foods also provide vital nutrition e.g. vitamins, minerals.

Bad fats are those which clog the arteries or cause inflamation. Avoid products containing margarine, butter and some cooking oils e.g. palm oil. Eat only small quantities of meat, but do not avoid it altogether (it contains saturated fat, but contains amino acids and vitamins).

Good fats are those which help lubricate and provide nutrition. Good oils come from fish, plants (e.g. olive oil), nuts (e.g. walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds), and seeds (e.g. flax (linseeds), sunflower, pumpkin, grape seeds).

Protein is also vital - at every meal. It reduces hunger and helps the body grow and repair itself. Protein is best obtained from fish, lean meats, nuts, beans and eggs.

Home delivered diet meals are a great idea because they are convenient, nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled, and teach portion sizes. You can also buy frozen meals from the supermarket e.g Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine to have in the freezer.

Best wishes... :D
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Re: weight wont budge no matter what I do

Postby neybay » Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:10 am

I can really relate to your daughter. I'm 27 with PCOS and have tried countless times to shed the weight. I sometimes wonder if PCOS is just a bandaid diagnosis for us girls as it comes up in various ways when it can really be a number of different illnesses/conditions that leads to a hormonal imbalance leading to irregular and in my case heavy periods, cysts and other symptoms. I stopped taking my metformin a few years back as I was fainting non stop and my blood sugar is extremly low so I feel perplexed when I questioned my gynocologist at the time why I should be on it he simply exclaimed its the only treatment for PCOS... I've tried different hormones also, and Ive done dieting in the past like a am now. Super strict with everything back then was weight watchers and pilates, belly dancing and lost 20 kilgrams in four months. Since then I went the ivf route to get pregnant and on having my son had to face the reality that at 5.2 I weighed 124kg's. Its scary. At your daughters age I was 65kg's and I went up about 10 every year some more some less depending on treatment and sadly Ive always been active. I am doing pretty much what your daughter is with healthy eating and gyming most days of the week and seeing a personal trainer there and I want you not to doubt your daughter.. unless you starve it doesent budge and if she does have a snack you dont know about all the excersise she is doing and healthy eating in general would cover her as her metabolism would be boosted. So all I can say is that she needs to keep going. I honestly wouldent bother paying for lite n easy as you are putting in the hard yards making the fresh qauntity controlled stuff at home.. why pay someone to do it in frozen meal form (trust me it doesent taste the greatest!) ? I think your doing the right thing and cooking it fresh and eating the same diet as her sets the best example. Just dont deprive yourselves either. Set one meal per week for takeway ... youll find you will both pick the healthier options anyway but feel like your indulging so wont crave it all the time (hopefully). Feel free to contact me if you want a chat I'm a mum too and I wish you and your daughter the best its hard for others to understand the frustration/ depression of such a hormonal imbalence and I really hope your daughter finds a happy medium xxx
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