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Postby 2ndTimeBecky » Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:29 pm

Im pretty sure that this time of year is dificult for a lot of people... maintaining weight loss at this time with parties and drinks and food and little sleep and social events and alcohol is very very difficult - let alone CONTINUING weight loss.

I believe that my weight loss journey is about a new lifestyle and living in a differnt way and I feel that I have this somewhat sorted when living in the small town I live with little social interraction...

However my family are 700km/1100km away and I am travelling by car to visit them over the break (6 days driving out of 11 off) and I ALWAYS struggle while visiting them anyway due to a range of reasons - add Christmas and New Years to to the mix and I almost feel ready to throw in the towel now and just commit to hours of treadmill time in the new year to work it off... but after the effort it has taken to get this far I really dont want to look at it this way because I know this attitude will seal my fate and weight gain over the break. My fear is gaining all my weighloss back in the 2 weeks.

What skills/choices/attitudes/theorys do people use to get through holiday periods (especially when you have no home or fridge to plan your own meals!!!) Because I am desperate to learn some and I know you guys have acheived this yourselves!!!!

Hope everyone has just a wonderful Christmas, I LOVE this time of year and would love to come out of it feeling refreshed and healthy rather than overweight and exhausted as per every other year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: CHRISTMAS!!! :-/

Postby dearne » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:49 pm

actually something that my uncle implemented when he was loosing weight is that after a meal encourage the family to go for a long walk because it gives you a chance to talk to people, look at surroundings that you havent seen in a while or never appreciate, and keeps you away from the table! and if you dont like some of your family that is walking, then go for a short drive to walk somewhere else!
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Re: CHRISTMAS!!! :-/

Postby sizing_down » Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:37 pm

I don't know what your family is like so I can only share about mine and hope some of it is similar.
Basically we are a very extended family who all get together for Chrismas. This year we'll be at my grandparents' place and there will be 15 adults and 10 kids there for lunch- as far as I can tell. Most of them will be staying for a few days (us included).
And there will be food. One of the things my husband said he noticed first about my family is the overcatering. There is always too much food.
On the upside most of the women in my family have landed themselves in weight watchers at some point over the years and as a result the cooking is a lot lower in fat than it used to be. None of them are lifetime members though and only 1 ever got to her goal weight (and gained it all again) so it's not exactly an environment of successful weight management!

I stuck my oar in about a month ago and told my grandmother and aunt that I and my mother and sister are all counting points so we need a menu that will cater for that and they were very understanding. I don't know if you feel like you can share your weight loss goals with your family or not but it does help having someone onside who is involved in the food planning.

We're having a lot of different salads. We'll also have a ham, a leg of lamb (hot), roast veg (hot), roast turkey (cold). That way everyone gets a Christmas lunch they will be happy with. The hot weather we're expecting over Christmas is especially good salad weather. If you can, get yourself included in the food prep- you will know which foods to avoid and you may be able to steer the menu a bit to include more diet friendly options.

Dessert is going to be gelato with fresh fruit salad as well as having the traditional mince pies and cake and I'm baking a gingerbread loaf as well which works out to be 1.5 points per slice (to give a cake option to the point counters). You need to have a diet friendly dessert available because let's face it- you are going to want to eat it. My advice? offer to make a big fresh fruit salad up and track down an ice-creamery or deli that makes gelato and buy something fancy. The majority of adults present will see it as a luxury and you will probably get more takers for that than for the steamed pud. If your family does cheese platters, offer to make a fruit platter so you have something to pick at while everyone else is diging into the cheese. Again with the hot weather there is likely to be a lot of interest in melon, mango and the like.

Staying with family is always hard. I have little kids so my family tend to consult with me about what to serve that the kids will eat. They eat a lot of rice and veg when we're around...

Then in January we're going away for a week with my husband's parents to their timeshare. His mum is the queen of deep fried food. That will be harder and I haven't planned it out yet but I think we'll be taking our steamer and "George" with us so we'll be able to steam and grill our own food and there will be bbqs available... we live inland and are going to the coast so we're going to be making a big fuss about how much we want to eat grilled and bbq'd seafood because we never get it at home. That and salads even if I have to prepare every meal we eat while we're away.

Driving is a challenge. Pack food and bottles of water in an esky in the car. Make sandwiches, pack healthy snacks. You are going to be on the road for a long time and you really need to avoid the fast food trap.

On the upside you will have spent so much time sitting around in the car that you shouldn't have any trouble convincing people that you need to go for a walk to stretch your legs after the meal or any other time you choose. You've simply spent too much time sitting around these last few days and you really feel like you need to go for a walk.

There is always a way to cope with these situations. Plan ahead, get involved with the decision making and food prep if you can and find someone supportive to confide in.

Good luck!

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Re: CHRISTMAS!!! :-/

Postby dragonfly » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:53 pm

I do alot of travelling, i am 4 hours from the city, and i use fruit to keep the boredom snacking at bay. apples take me 30mins to eat (on purpose) and grapes are good for popping in the mouth and cut up water melon and honey melon and strawberries.
I also eat cucumbers and whole meal rolls, with turkey or ham.
nothing will make you eat less food, only willpower, and thats something you have to find from within.
i have been to about 6 or 7 parties so far this silly season, and I choose not to even go near the food table. if i dont start, I dont need to know when to stop. I eat before hand, and make sure I am not tempted by having a belly full of water too.

the walking after a meal is a good suggestion, altho games of cricket and even bouche and lawn bowls are good too.... anything to keep from picking at the leftovers.

offer to clena up and gladwrap everything and pack away, so theres none of that food sitting in front of you tempting you to just have one more slice.

its just me hubby and our 5 kids this christmas so I am in charge of cooking. I am lucky :)
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