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Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Postby Carly :) » Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:59 pm

I am accepting my body before i move forward, so the scales say 65.5kg..
but i know that to ACCOMPLISH my goal of being 58kgs i must
first accept my body for the way it is and positively change my attitude.
i will get no where if i beat myself up about my "curves", over all i want to FEEL healthy and be Happy. Today i got my nails done, and wore a dress while doing to supermarket to buy meat and veg.

I wore a dress i had been given, size 14, which i finally felt comfortbale... well, almost comfortable in, and a month ago i had a spray tan, and get them done every 3 weeks when i have the time on a day off from worK. I feel that these things make me feel sexy and overall, they stop me from eating large bowls of icecream or binge eating.
I think its so important to do things that make u happy, have a massage, wear new make up, treat yourself to a day spa. do these things that reward your body - my reward used to be a slice or ...3 , of chocolate cake but now it is a stroll on the beach or a trip to the pool
:) :) :) :) If i look after my body , i feel better. Look after your mental state too by not beating myself up xx
Carly :)
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Postby shuff » Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:46 am

I can say I totally agree with you,
I really want to join the gym but I work 4pm-8pm and not sure how much memberships are, I really need motivation but have no one to do it with as my partner works 9am-5pm..
Any suggestions?

I got my nails done new years eve, that makes me feel sexy too :) Brought a dress yesterday to but my main goals are this year is to get healthy and my goal weight of 70kilo's from 107 and save money.

Only spend money on myself when I feel as if I should be rewarded, when do you reward yourself?
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Postby Carly :) » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:10 pm

well my partner wont go the gym, he preffers exercsing by playing port and running
so i got a membership to a female gym, i go after work and sometimes before work, just see what is best for yourself.
you dont necessarily need to join a gym , if u are comfortbale walking or running outside, however, i like to hide away at the gym lol.
I try to treat myself once a fortnight id i can, i like to do yoga too, which is good for a healthy body image.
today i ventured to the beach but am horrified at home i did not go near the water, i was too embarrassed of my body,
i feel so fat and gross and having photos taken with friends made me feel ill. i wouodnt even strip down to my swim suit,
yuck. i feel gross!!!
Carly :)
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Postby tigerlilly69 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:55 am

hey Carly,
i totally agree with you and can confirm that this is a road to success! :wink:

i started focusing on my mind, and figuring out all the little tricks it was playing with when i was upset, i'd want some icecream, or i'd reward myself with food - when there is so much more to life!
i started thinking about what i really wanted. i used to be a pretty lazy girl, sure i'd go to the mall or the beach but i was really inactive. most importantly i thought i didn't like being active :roll:
i don't know how you feel, but since i started running and going to the gym i found out that i'm almost addicted to activity and the idea of the freedom it gives me, that i am flexible, and strong and that i am going to start climbing...
i'm not addicted in the sense that i have to go to the gym every day, but it helps me release tension and stress.
I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT THIS WORKS FOR ME. But now i know this was just another trick my mind was playing 8)

after a session at the gym i already feel incredibly strong and sexy, because i know - eventually I WILL reach my desired shape (i've lost 15 kgs but i still need to lose 10) :D
i also started rewarding myself with a nice bubble bath and aroma oils, and i started wearing sexy clothes more often. i definitly think this strategy helps! it has helped me accepting my body the way it is now and i think because of that i don't feel the need to binge or go out and buy icecream and sweets as often.

another advice a friend gave me, was to look out for like-minded people, and so before i decided to join this forum, i was already listening to the videos of a health coach. her program has definitly motivated me and pointed me in the right direction, especially with my mindset at that time.

i am so happy and grateful right now :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: i think at the beginning i didn't even realise how unhappy i really was...
<<<live, love, enjoy LIFE>>>
<<<live, love, enjoy YOUR BODY>>>
... it's a gift!

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