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Shakes - Nutritional Value

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Shakes - Nutritional Value

Postby » Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:04 pm

Hi, I'm on day 1 of my weight loss journey and my plan is to sub 2 meals with a shake and eat one meal per day coupled with exercise until I reach my goal weight and then maintain with regular execise and healthy eating. Just wondering if anyone has any tips as to which shakes have the most nutritional value and least cals? There's so much info out there and so many diferent programs it's confusing!
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Re: Shakes - Nutritional Value

Postby CronicBadger » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:30 pm


Welcome to the forum.

I'm not sure if one shake and one meal per day is sustainable. Having long periods between meals can make a person quite hungry and susceptible to binge-eating, as well as cause yoyo-ing insulin levels and nutritional deficiencies. Having said that, different approaches to losing weight work for different people. Just make sure that whatever methods you choose are enjoyable and healthy for months or years it may take to reach your ideal weight and fitness target.

There are some excellent weight-loss articles on this forum's website at:
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Re: Shakes - Nutritional Value

Postby äirly » Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:23 pm

I know this thread is a little dated, and may not be still read. HOWEVER! I have tried both Meditrim and Tony Ferg (both for short timespans - I think I lasted a few days on meditrim, and tony ferg I got through a week or two - thats being strict, both times I played around with it for a few extra weeks or so) so if you are still after info these are my thoughts. Naturally they are only my own opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt :P .

If i went on shakes again, which I probably wouldn't, I'd definitely go with Tony Ferg. If expense is an issue, I believe Aldi do a very similar shake, however is a $.50 - $1.0 cheaper - I havent tried it or anything, but I heard about it. Meditrim has lower cals then Tony but tastes like complete and utter ARSE (scuse the language! :oops: ) and really, they are all low cal, you dont need to take things even lower! Tony Ferg some shakes are better than others and its one of those things you need to sort out for yourself. Tony Ferg have a great staff system - weekly weigh ins, people that actually CARE, plenty of range, their own forums etc. Would recommed for this reason alone.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is;
1. Majority of people who go on shake diets either wont stick with it, or will stick with it but once they get off/reach goal etc, will pile it back on. That said, this can be said of a lot of diets, so don't be discouraged, but definitely realise that it isnt a matter of having a few liquid meals, there is plenty of hard slogging to do too :wink:

2. Of myself and my aquaintances who've done shakes, TWO have stuck with it to goal (or close enough) and ONE is still maintaining (a year or so later). This is because she also signed up at the gym and works bloody hard there, and she watches what she eats (shes not fanatical or anything, generally eats low carb I believe). Most of us got tired of it pretty quickly :wink: I will say that although I dont think I had this problem, another person said to me that since tony ferg, they have had trouble losing weight - its quite low in cal (1000-1200 per day, depending on fruit choices etc) so considering shes a big girl i think it may have put her in starve mode :?: This is ancedotal only tho!

3. There is some health risks involved, having low cal and low fat - I think quite a few people have gall bladder issues as an example - once again this part is really individual and is something some people are more likely to have than others.

If I did go back on shakes, I would go Tony Ferg and have 2 balanced meals during the day. Tony Ferg recommend low carb high protein meals to go with there shakes, and people take this to mean that its a low carb diet, however I'm sure each shake actually has quite a few carbs (cough *sugar* cough) so I think thats the actual reason they suggest low carb meals :wink: I would watch my fat intake - make sure I'm getting enough - eat some healthy nuts, oils etc. Overall I'd probably eat more than they suggest, as I dont think anyone should go under 1200 cal per day, and realistically thats most days on Tony Ferg (you'd have to eat your 'weekly' treats daily to hit 1200 every day, per their recommendation).

Anyway, re-reading this I am again convinced that I am physcially incapable of writing anything less than an essay *sigh* :oops:

HTH! <3 äirly
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Re: Shakes - Nutritional Value

Postby lalalaaa » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:12 pm


Some of the shakes tick the nutritional value boxes. I started my weigtloss using shakes and I did lose weight, but I quickly realised that I couldnt keep going on them... and I was doing 2 shakes and 1 meal a day.
Reasons it didnt work for me:
1. I love to chew food and drinking a shake twice a day was not that satisfying.
2. they arent food so I wasn't learning how to fix my diet
3. I started to get tired as I didnt have enough cals to do my usual work (about 800-900cals a day)
So after a few weeks of shakes,I joined CalorieKing, which reccomended 1280 cals and gave me a rough guide as to what I could eat. (It also recalcs your cals so I am now on 1200cal as I get close to my goal)

At a kickstart to weightloss, I say go for it, as a sustainable way to lose weight, I say afraid not.
I would also say have more than two meals a day, personally I'd be more tempted to crack open a chocolate bar snack(or somthing else full of sugar) :oops: if I was only eating two meals a day.

Goodluck with your weightloss journey.
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Re: Shakes - Nutritional Value

Postby thinkingthinner » Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:13 pm

The shake I am using is from a healthfood / sports fitness store it doesnt contain the amount of carbs and suger that I have read on the chemist brands and the chocolate really tastes like chocolate so it is quite pleasant to drink so look around you will find one to your liking :)
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