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Did you know?

Postby kate_turner2000 » Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:25 am

wow ive just been reading that studies have shown that obesity can cause breast cancer! did anyone else know that? i was reading it in the womans day, that is pretty scary! i have Thanatophobia which is a phobia of dying so its good to know that by losing weight i will have 'less' of a chance of getting breast cancer.
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Postby Ally » Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:41 am

Thanks for that info Kate, will have to check more into that! I am glad I am losing too!!
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Postby KimE » Mon Oct 30, 2006 12:22 pm

Thanks Kate, no I had no idea.
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Postby hushpuppy » Mon Oct 30, 2006 1:15 pm

Wow thanks kate . That just upped my incentive to lose even more
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Postby ~Ash~ » Tue Oct 31, 2006 12:28 pm

yeah, i read that studies on overweight mice showed that they had more trouble fighting off skin cancer than their slimmer companions.
the study showed that the mice recovered/fought off the skin cancer better when they lost weight - whether it was from extra exercise or liposuction..
apparently there is something in body fat which hinders the body's ability to fight off and prevent cancer...

definately motivates me (a beach lover) to lose weight!
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