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Choosing a reasonable goal

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Choosing a reasonable goal

Postby jessmeow » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:18 am

Hello hello,

I was wondering how you guys determined what is a reasonable and achieveable goal. This is more directed to peoples having to loose lots of weight. For example, being a size 18-20 myself and having lots of weight to loose my thought would be that wanting to be a size 8 (ish) would be pretty unrealistic but I'm sure there are people out there who have done it.

Also, I imagine skin would play a part in setting goals as well. I'm only 23 so I'm pretty hopeful my skin willl bounce back (but I worry that it won't) however, if your skin doesn't bounce back being a size 8 would be very unlikely.

Do you think it all comes down to motivation? Say if someone looses 50kgs and they are down to a size 12-14 they morese choose to stay that size rather than working harder to get smaller or is it just not possible for some people to get so skinny?

I ask this because of I dream I had last night where I wrote an essay about losing weight and my goals and my teacher said that I was delusional :( Pretty mean dream huh lol

Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts, opinion and experiences :)

- Jessmeow.
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Re: Choosing a reasonable goal

Postby dragonfly » Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:35 pm

your end goal depends on your body shape and your genetics and build.
my sister is same height as me, and weighs 65kilos. I ahve a photo of myself when I was 95kilos, and I think if i lost 30kilso off that, I would look ghastly.
In saying that I mean, whats 65kilos on one person might not suit another person.
your goal weight will be a number varying between 1-8 kilos, and with each person it will be different. some body types are different, such as apple, pear and hourglass shapes.
so even if your best friend say, who is same height as you, gets to 55kilos, and you get to 55kilos, she might be size 8, and you a 10.
ultimatley its not a number on the scale, or a label tag number, its more about being happy with yourself, how you look, and living a active and healhty lifestyle.
set yourself a goal, and then as you get closer, reassess and make changes as nessesary.

shoot for the moon, and if you miss, at least you'll land amoungst the stars!!!!
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Re: Choosing a reasonable goal

Postby cailea » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:08 pm

Hi Jess,

Like dragonfly, I think it is something you have to assess at each stage. Having lost 50kg so far, I have set 1 goal, a BMI of 24. Beyond that....I don't know, I have never been that weight as an adult so I have no idea how I will look. At 145kg, I was a size 26; At 94kg, I am a size 16.

Having said that, yes of course, anyone can be a size 8, no matter your height etc but not everyone can be a healthy size 8.

I think you just get to a point that you are comfortable with yourself and you are in a healthy weight range...i have the first atm but not the latter.

Good luck! :)

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Re: Choosing a reasonable goal

Postby jessmeow » Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:15 pm

Thanks guys :)

I totally understand what you mean that it's more about feel than it is about a number on the scales or clothing it's just something I have a tendancy to ponder at times. It is interesting how people of completely different sizes can be the same weight..

At the moment I'm moreso focusing on just getting into double digits.

Thanks for the advice!

P.s cailea, congrats on losing 50kgs!!
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