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Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby SkinnyBride2B » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:53 pm

Has anybody experienced the dreaded negative comments people make about your weight loss goals?

Had a friend tell me yesterday - "why do you want to loss that much, you probably wont do it you know, and what if you dont what then?"

I find it hard to handle such negative comments intruding on my positive mindset.

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Re: Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby CronicBadger » Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:27 am

My father occasionally tells me I'm getting too thin and really should reconsider losing weight. I explain that as I'm classed as overweight according to my doctor (BMI), and have a belly and "love handles" I'll continue to lose weight until my doctor gives me the all clear and I feel thin and healthy. I then point out that HE could stand to lose a few kilos due to his rapidly expanding pot belly and unhealthy diet based on takeaway and meat pies. :)

I suspect that he's been so used to me being fat all my life it's just too odd having to adjust to seeing me change so much over the past year.
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Re: Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby newyork » Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:46 am

Hi All,

Having lost 15kg recently ( but still have 10 to go ), I get some great comments. However, when I say I've still got more to lose, I'm bombarded with "NO!!!! You can't lose any more!" Hello, I'm only 155cm, and 65kg, I can lose another 10kg and not look to skinny! Do they just say this becuase they don't want me to keek losing and possibly look better and continue to get peoples attention and comments? And then there are a few, who say "You know I can't even see a difference, I never thought you were over weight". What a load! Sure they don't want to say, "yeh, you were really fat!", but by denying my being over weight when it's ok to talk about it I feel is very negative. And come on, as if you wouldn't notice a 15kg loss on a short person like me!

I would just bank all the nice, positive comments, and let the negative ones fly right by. Your number one, and shouldn't let anyone else's hangups get you down :D
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Re: Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby jessmeow » Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:17 pm

I haven't had any negative comments so to speak. However I sometimes get strange comments from people for example.. i was talking to a work friend about how much I had lost so far and she asked "how much more would you like to loose". I answered that I wasn't sure but lots (because I thought if I said the amount she's add it all together and get my approx weight!!) and she seemed surprised.. Why is that surprising that someone hugeish would want to loose lots more weight??

I also get a lot of negativity from just a complete lack of comments. Lots of people I see don't say anything about my weight loss, even if they bring it up! "So you still going to the gym?" "Yeah, every day!" And never anything about how I look. I also find it upsetting when people comment on my mum's weight loss (we're working together) in front of me and then just say nothing to me! I've lost 20 freakin' kilo's! There's no way it's not noticeable!

Grrr. People suck!
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Re: Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby ganymede » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:47 am

When I first lost a 27kg chunk of weight I also got the "you don't need to lose any more weight!" from people. I think that people see such a change that it shocks them and they think maybe we are losing the weight for the wrong reasons or that we are doing it in an unhealthy matter of due to stress/depression. If you met someone on the street after you had lost a certain amount of weight and said to them "I still want to lose another 10kg.", I bet the wouldn't protest as they don't know how big you were before hand and it doesn't have that shock factor.

I am also getting the negativity now that I've packed on almost 15kg since my initial weight loss and because I haven't yet got myself completely motivated to lose weight again and I have such a high goal of being 60kg, some people have their doubts. I think people see the mass weight loss stories as just that. Stories by people on the other side of the world and they never realise that weight loss stories are the stories of everyday people like us :)
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Re: Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby GoddessInside » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:58 am

When people hear, that I have 125kg, no one believes me and tells me that I should not be so extreme and losing 50kgs will be good enough. If only they knew that, that 50kgs will still keep me in the morbidly obese category at 160kgs.

I dont think alot people dont understand and make those comments out of ignorance. Losing weight is a personal goal, not everyone has to support. I've had many people try to sabotage my weight loss, one of them my ex husband who felt secure in my being overweight.

We need to remind ourselves, that not everyone wants what we want and it is up to us to achieve our goals.

Good Luck :)
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Re: Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby nature » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:59 pm

If you've determined you do need to lose weight, your next step is to set a reasonable weight loss goal for yourself. You can base your goals on any number of factors, but a great place to start would be the general recommendations set out by the American College of Sports Medicine which are 5-10% of body weight or one to two pounds per week.
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Re: Negative People re your Weight Loss Goals

Postby alley_cat81 » Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:11 pm

I find it difficult at work when we have morning tea, and when I try to eat healthy people keep bugging me to eat the unhealthy options : "no, don't just eat an apple, you have to try the chocolate cake - I made it myself ". I don't think these people realise how negative and undermining they are being.
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