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The 5 Newest Weight Loss Tips for 2011

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The 5 Newest Weight Loss Tips for 2011

Postby iiniiniin » Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:15 pm

In some conditions, normal methods like counting calories, no late night eating, working out… are not sufficient for fat loss. You would still update good tips and advices from nutritionists around the world. Here I show you the five newest fat loss advices for 2011 :D .

1. Peace or silence 8) is vital to aid you to prevent overeating. It is well documented that overeating phenomenon is associated with factors like stress, pressure or noise. A recent research conducted by a group of French health experts shows that people who have noisy working space will eat about 100 kcal more than normal.

2. Strong smell makes you full more rapidly. As shown in the experiment by American nutritionists, not only the amount and kind of food, but also the strength of food smell contribute to the fullness feeling of human stomach. As the power of smell has been discovered to affect people’s eating, many researches are being conducted to offer a new cheap and easy method to weight loss success.

3. Images also help people prevent overeating. :roll: Researches confirm that visuals of the fat people bring a feeling of scare to people who are dieting or do not want to gain weight. 2 groups of women are divided into 2 different rooms, the 1st room with pictures of wonderful ocean, and the second room with pictures of awesome fat ladies. The result is that the people in the second room try to dominate their appetites to eat less, especially there are some ladies eating almost nothing. This is definitely the cheapest weight loss way! You can use Photoshop to design an image of you when gaining 25 lbs, in order to scare yourselves.

4. Care about your calcium use! Do you know that the deficiency of calcium excites harder eating and makes your body focus on high calories food? In addition, a famous experiment done by Australian scientists demonstrates that the frequent and sufficient use of calcium causes a better ability of human body to manage weight, even for those who do not have any dieting plans.

5. Ensure that the tips or advices you apply are scientifically or clinically backed. :!: Dr. Chirs Hawkey – the President of the British Society of Gastroenterology, stated that lots of dieting plans are damaging your health as they are just theory rather than proven evidence. In his criticized diet list, there are very popular ones such as the Hollywood Grapefruit Diet, Fruitarian Diet and Atkins Diet. He finally stated that you should follow a healthy diet, do exercises frequently, get rid of smoking and drinking to ensure a healthy body weight.

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