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Unbale to loose weight -2 yrs dieting and exercicing

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Unbale to loose weight -2 yrs dieting and exercicing

Postby athenak » Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:43 pm

Hi i have a daughter who has PCOs and insulin resistance. She is aged 19.When she was 16 years old she weighted 55 kilos in October 2007.Her periods stoped for a year and I took her to a gynaecologist who said its fine the periods will come when they are ready. She was always eating health and playing soccer 3 times a week. I cook very healthy at home with no carbs. At the age of 18 2009 in January went to 65 kilos and after that within 3 months she went to 73 kilos and she went on a strict diet herself but was putting .In April 09 she was diagnosed with PCOS which is when we started to do something about it. We have tried Bi-trim diet and she was not loosing any fat putting on, tried Lean diet, Censored ,Then we went and saw Prof Eden and he put her on Metformin 2000 a day and Yasmine and he told us to see nutritionist Joanne Turner who put her on Tony Ferguson and was so confident she has not had a client who did not loose weight but she put on another 5 kilos and then she told us to follow a diet but she still did not loose. Then she said there is nothing she can do and to go and see a psychologist and get used her weight.. we were heart broken. Then I did more research as I was not going to give up..and went to Prof Kidson and he took her off the Yasmin and increased her metformin to 3000 a day. He also recommended to see Geraldine Diets and she put her on a diet again. She was not loosing for about a year and in August to Sep this year she lost about 5 kilos and She lost about 5 kilos. Then in Oct she put the 5 kilos back.. not changing anything. We are still with Prof Kidson and we are seeing him on 18th Nov and she re did all test. For about 2 years she has been exercising the last year she goes to the gym everyday and does Dancing Zubba and plays soccer 3-4 times a week. She eats like egg with 1 toast in the morning, or omelette , fruit or carrot for snack , chicken/meta or fish with salad or vegies size of palm (but also tried 70g)10 nut snack, or a couple of strawberries or celery, and chicken ,meat or fish with vegies or salad for dinner. We have done the 3 meals a day, the 5 meals a day, the shakes, the really strict diet with heaps of exercise and the weight is not budging. She is taking Fish oil, magnesium, some spray foe energy, metformin , vitamin D and nothing is working. Her results with Thyroid and stuff are all ok...She has had 2 abyss removed fro vagina about a year ago and she has had a gull bladder out. I know she does not eat as you might say I may be a bad mother but I have followed her around to see ,I have asked her friends in a different way where I don't embarrass her and they all eat healthy as they all go to the gym together. I have checked her bags for wrappers and I have put things counted things in the house to see if she has eaten...
I know muscle weighs more than fat.. but she should have lost 10-15 kilos with the food she is eating and the exercise she is doing. We have also tried with less exercise and that is not working.

Psychology she is ok just gets frustrated every time she weighs herself its not budging. She is trying so hard and the weight will not budge.. We have tried every single diet in different ways.I do not know anyone who has been dieting for 2 years (even though she has eaten healthy in the past) and exercises so much and still cannot loose weight.

I have come to a brick wall and need help desperately.. Pleaseeeee if you can escalate this problem to someone who is very experience and tell me what is wrong with her and what we can do t help her. She now weight 78kilos.I even offered to the doctors to take to America anywhere to get results... please please we need help...and desperately before she gives up.
current weight is 77 and stuck there fro nearly 2 years...she should have been a stick with all teh exercise nd dieting after 2 years... help anyone..
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Re: Unbale to loose weight -2 yrs dieting and exercicing

Postby dragonfly » Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:30 pm

I have no advice really, or experience, but couldnt let this sit at zero replies. I know how hard it is when you put yourself out there, and watch the post move to the bottom of the page with nothing.
there seems to be alot of PCOS sufferes that i know of, in my family, and my brothers both married girls with it. One is finding weight watchers very useful right now, as she feels its a break from all the hard diets, and restrictive lifestyles alot of them promote, like TF, and KM.
I guess you have googled PCOS diets as well, and all, so really the best thing is to keep following these programs to at least maintain the weight. I have learnt tho myself from many years of strict dieting, that its when I dont diet, and just lead a sensible eating plan (weightwatchers) and exercise, i get results. my metabolism dropped really low when I restricted myself. now I eat alot of food and it has helped me loose weight, as I burn it all of no problem. I know you said you tired all those 5 meals a day, and all, without success :( but please dont loose faith in there being an answer. keep persevering, and there will be a solution I am sure.
goodluck to you and your daughter, and I hope she can loose some weight soon.
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Re: Unbale to loose weight -2 yrs dieting and exercicing

Postby fattybumba » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:34 pm

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