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Desperately in need of advice and support.

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Desperately in need of advice and support.

Postby Ohhlala » Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:00 pm

OK so i've never done a forum before let alone one about something i like keeping to my self. but i really need help and i read another forum on this website and love how supportive everyone is of eachother and helpful as well. so here goes:

im trying to loose weight by eating a very little amount of kilojoules with the hopes that this will help me lose weight pretty fast (i only started about a few days ago). i do interval jogging for about 40 mins and that's about all the exercise i do. i used to do yoga before i started dieting but stopped that. im really hoping i'll be able to lose weight soon because i start uni soon and i know i won't be able to concentrate on the lack of kj i currently consume which is 1200ish a day. it's different slightly each day.

ive read about this starvation mode and what not but don't completely get it so it'll be great if someone could explain it to me. im also studying pharmacy so i know the basics and how dangerous this method this, but i really want to stick to it.

any help will be great :)
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Re: Desperately in need of advice and support.

Postby CronicBadger » Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:22 pm

Hi Ella

Welcome to the forum.

Are you only having 1200 kilojoules? Perhaps you meant 1200 Calories. 1200 Calories is the recommended minimum energy intake for healthy adult women attempting to lose weight on a calorie-restriction diet. It's a figure you'll see quoted on many weight-loss sites. That's about 5020 kilojoules. According to some medical authorities an average body can sustain an intake of around 25 per cent less than the average energy requirement. YMMV.

But, if you DID mean 1200 kilojoules then that's going to result in some problems: Starvation mode arises because the body basically prefers to hold onto its energy stores and would rather reduce its metabolic rate than let go of fat. A reduced metabolic rate will mean you need less food, will lose less weight, and if it stays in a reduced state after your diet ends then it will be far easier to put weight back on.

How does it reduce its metabolic rate? It reduces the amount of energy it needs - by slowing or shutting down basic life and health sustaining processes such as cell repair, growth, nutrition, chemical conversion, immune system, organ function, bone maintenance, hormone production and so on. The body also clings to its valuable fat stores by regularly taking energy from muscle and internal organs (don't forget the heart is a muscle).

However, the above is not medical advice, it's just a distillation of commonly available knowledge. I do, however, suggest you to speak to your GP about your diet as he may be able to recommend some modifications to make it safer and sustainable.

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Re: Desperately in need of advice and support.

Postby Metalcharm » Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:26 am

Eating at low levels will never work long term - as soon as you start eating properly again the weight will just stack on. You will not only be losing fat biut muscle as well and it can take years to build to undo matabolism damage caused by starvation diets.

There's lots of websites that will work out what calorie level you should be eating at to lose weight at a steady pace that will give you the best chance of keeping it off long term.
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