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My experience on Reducta

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My experience on Reducta

Postby SmittenKitten » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:18 pm

Hi All,

I have been taking Reducta by Naturopathica (the people who make fat blaster) as I am trying to lose weight & struggle when cravings hit. I eat healthy food, I just eat too much of it so I thought an appetite suppresant would be a good idea.

I have been taking it for a week now & have only lost 100g. I only had one slip up day when I ate an ice cream but I did do a lot more exercise to try to counteract it! It does not make me feel fuller at meal times but it does numb the hunger pains. I don't feel any different in myself at all, I am thirstier but that may be the weather.

It is recommended you take it with fatblaster so it is quite expensive when you work it out! My biggest reason for not liking this product as it is great at slowing down my cravings & hunger pains during the day but by about 8:30pm at night I feel like I could just eat everything in sight! Worst of all I feel starving so the temptation to over eat is there!

I feel if you were just starting your weightloss journey this might be a helpful product to get you through the hunger pains. It is not as extreme as something like Duromine & as far as I know does not actually boost your metabolism. You take 2 a day 30 minutes before breakfast & Dinner, I am tempted to try one at lunch time too but not sure what would happen.

It is available everywhere fatblaster is so I assume at most pharmacies (I got mine from Terry White Chemists) and maybe the Woolworths/Coles that carry the fatblaster range.

I hope this review helps someone who saw the ACA story or has seen it advertised & wanted to give it a go.
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