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Why there are no shortcuts to getting the body you want.

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Why there are no shortcuts to getting the body you want.

Postby GlowOnline » Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:53 pm

Everyone wants a revelation when it comes to weight loss or building the perfect physique.
They are waiting for the next quick or easy fix but I promise you if it were there I'd have found it by now and be typing this email from the Bahama's!!
Transformation comes down to eating right, training hard and being consistent.
Very simple, very basic but also very true.
There are no shortcuts I'm afraid and the sooner we can acknowledge this the sooner we can get on with the task of doing what needs to be done to build the body and health we want.
I have put together some common weight loss mistakes for you to ponder.
At some point your weight loss (or bodyfat loss for those of you wanting to maintain weight or add muscle and drop fat only) may not be as high or as fast as you would like.
If that is the case check out the common mistakes below to see if any of them could be having in impact on your weight loss.
Leaving out strength training.
Many women still buy into the misconception that by hitting the weights they will turn into the female equivalent of "Arnie" when in fact the women you see who are muscle bound to the extreme work at extreme intensity, consistently for many years to gain that look. It is not and easy look to achieve.
For the average women weight training will in fact give you a lean, toned physique that is a "fat burning machine". Added lean muscle means our bodies burn fat more effectively including whilst we are at rest (cardio does not do this).
The other misconception about weight training is that it doesn't burn fat like cardio does. I mentioned about becoming a fat burning machine. This does not happen from cardio alone. Creating good, lean muscle mass means you are burning more calories at rest than someone who does not lift weights.
So if you have been cheating on your weights program now is the time to bring it back in and do it right.

Same old same old.
Stuck in an exercise rut? Been doing the same program for a while now?
Even though I have written you a perfectly good program are you still just doing what you know instead?
Changing your program regularly will keep your body guessing so you consistently get good results and will also stop you from becoming bored and disinterested in your program.
By doing a new program every 4 - 6 weeks you are forcing your body to change so don't get comfortable doing the same or similar programs you are familiar with.

Exercising well / eating poorly.
To gain the most from any exercise program you need to eat balanced meals containing lean protein and complex carbohydrates.
It always cracks me up when you see the advert for the latest abs machine that will have you "melt" the fat away by spending only 5 minutes a day doing situps with the latest $300 machine so long as you (in fine print) follow a healthy exercise and eating plan. Duh! If you follow a healthy eating and exercise plan you won't need the stupid $300 ab roller!!
Anyway now I am back off my soap box - more common mistakes...

Not eating enough.
It is essential to keep your metabolism humming along with small regular meals. Skipping meals will NOT help you lose weight; in fact it will severely hinder it by stuffing up (technical term)your metabolism with your body holding onto every ounce of food because it is not sure when the next meal is coming.

Eating "unconsciously".
Not paying attention to what is going in your mouth.
Much hard work can be undone through mindless picking and nibbling.

Beginning to see results and become lazy.
Complacency is a killer so be diligent with what you eat and when you eat it. The only way you create new habits is to practice them often. Practice mindful eating so you can replace it with the former.

The stop and start and all or nothing approaches reap very little reward.
The ultimate key to success is consistency.
Deciding what you can and will maintain for a sustainable period and sticking to it is the key to success and not explosive spurts of focus that quickly die away.
The stop start approach also inhibits you from creating the new routines that will support you in your endeavors to lose weight and or get in shape and maintain you much desired fitness lifestyle for life.

Not pushing yourself hard enough.
If you want results you need to work hard; you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Many years ago I remember asking my taekwondo coach "When does it get easier"? He was quick to point out that it never gets easier; if you push yourself to your limits each session you won't ever notice what was once hard is now easy.
100% effort is always hard no matter how fit you are.
Just look at any athlete who has just finished an event - they are always huffing and puffing and struggling for breath and it is not because they are unfit.
It is because they pushed themselves to their limit as the probably do in every training session.
Get used to working hard and pushing your body and if you don't now you will soon come to enjoy the feeling of your body working hard and how great you feel after a quality session.
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