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Snacking between meals

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Re: Snacking between meals

Postby Colleen » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:49 pm

I've cut down to two tiny snack morning tea and afternoon tea. They can easily fit in the palm of my hand and are made up of things such as nuts, cheese slice and dry biscuits, fruit cake, fruit etc.

I find this helps as I don't crave unhealthy snacks if I have something to look forward too.

I still chew on gum of an evening though as I don't allow myself any snacks after 3-4pm. Just dinner at 6:30.

I have lost .5kg this week. Down from 69kgs to 68.5kgs. Not a great deal but a loss just the same.
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Re: Snacking between meals

Postby misk » Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:58 pm

I'm on Lite n Easy but found i'm not too fond of a few of the snacks and am now starting to need more snacks to bump up my calorie intake for the day. I've been buying alot of gum, the sugar free kind - good for your teeth/gums and helps with cravings cause i'm chewing SOMETHING! And yeah like others have said, water and lots of it. I'd never drunk much water, never liked it and even now i find myself forcing myself to drink enough because i tend to forge't how much you need to drink! But yeah it really helps with feeling constantly hungry.

As for snacks, I've bought hommus and celery sticks or pita bread, fruit, almond milk/blended as a low cal smoothie with one fruit!

BUT if it's something sweet you're after - I struggle with the same problem - then i'd suggest the Skinny Cow ice cream range. Low in cals and so amazingly yum! They havewith choc or caramel ice creams - on a stick (80cals), sundaes (100cals) or biscuit icecream (120cals). Another snack that fills the chocolate craving for me is a muesli bar, but the ones with a bit of chocolate drizzled over - just check the calories/etc to make sure it's not total rubbish.

Good luck from a fellow Adelaide-ian :D
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Re: Snacking between meals

Postby garn » Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:05 pm

ok, i am a snacker.... i admit it.. I have been really good lately but this afternoon, home early from work due to sick child, i succumbed.... i had some chips...not too many though.. even as i was eating them i was thinking what was the point of going to gym this morning, what a waste of hard work... now i say to myself...ok, stress is a trigger to's not right and it doesnt help... this is my new mantra when i go to shove food in my mouth as an emotional response.

It's a hard habit to break...I guess like all habits, there will be setbacks and stumbles and for myself i hope i can learn from them to move forward... trying not to think of it as 'failure' because, it's not.... With every stumble, accept it, think of why and say to your self 'next time i will make a different choice.'

good luck with it :)

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