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Motivational crisis

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Motivational crisis

Postby jessmeow » Tue May 17, 2011 6:11 pm

Hello all. I hope you guys can offer me some advice or anything to help me :)

So here's the problem. Motivation. I had it before and it was working fine, in fact it was working awesomely for about 6 months then it decided to go on a holiday and it hasn't come back.

Basically what started the whole issue with my motivation was I stopped losing weight. It happened to me a few months before but I somehow managed to keep on chugging through the barrier and eventually it moved. But this last time around the end of january it didn't matter what I did, changed my diet, changed my exercise I could not get the scales to budge under a certain number so I basically gave up for a little while and now I've put on approx 5 kgs.

I've been dieting and exercising on and off over the last few months but never as consistently as I was before. And yes, I've lost 4 of the 5 kgs several times over the last few months (and put them back on obviously) because even when I lose a good number for some reason I don't feel happy about it. I do in the moment but not enough to keep eating well and to keep up the exercise. I don't understand why I keep falling off the proverbial bandwagon when before it was relatively easy to stay on.

I think one of the reasons I keep failing is because I keep getting depressed about how much time I've wasted and I keep thinking about how much more weight I could have lost if I had just kept going in the first place. Cruel irony much? But aside from that, I don't know whats holding me back. Does anyone have any ideas, maybe from your own similar situations? I would love to hear from anyone with any ideas you might have! I need all the help I can get at the moment.

Cheers :)

- Jess


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Re: Motivational crisis

Postby bjam » Tue May 17, 2011 10:39 pm

hmm... perhaps you could try a new tactic? Spice things up a bit - do exercise that is fun (sport? dance? yoga?) and perhaps lean more on diet for weight loss so that you will see results even if you don't kill yourself at the gym :P I have found lately that it is much easier to be motivated and stick to something if I run to some sort of program or plan that I set out rather than generally living a healthier lifestyle (if that makes sense?? like, I know what "good" and "bad" food is but just sticking to good foods and avoiding the bad doest really entertain me so much...) What I am having fun doing at the moment is working to a program of combined calorie counting and different menu plans - I joined a couple of different sites for meal ideas and enter my foods into myfitnesspal so I plan my days ahead and do shopping to fit in with the recipes I want to make etc - because it is all preplanned it is really easy to stick to my calorie goals and I am finding this is resulting in weight loss so far, thus motivating me to keep going.

As an alternative, I have been really enjoying reading the philosophy of living in the "French Women Dont Get Fat" book - if you go to the website for this she details the key points of how to eat and live well so you get the idea without actually buying the book - but an entertaining read if you are in the mood :D

I am not saying specifically do these things - I am just saying what is working for me and what I find interesting right now...

I totally get what you mean with the motivation moving between those few kilos that you are always seeing - I kept dropping between 82 and 76 depending on whether I was being good or not that month but because I had been there before getting to 78 was nice, but not enough to feel like I had really done much... but now that I am running to a specific plan that I feel I can maintain, I am moving into territory that I havnt seen in years, every 200gs lost is exciting to me!! and I dont see any reason to stop while this is working, or at least not for any length of time (I still eat out or have a rediculous dessert with a friend or crazy night on alcohol etc - not good physically but mentally necessary imo :lol: )

You could buddy up with someone on here and compare weekly weigh ins or join the current 12wk challenge ;)
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Re: Motivational crisis

Postby Metalcharm » Tue May 17, 2011 10:52 pm

:cry: poor thing, you are in a rut!

I'm not sure I can offer and real advice. But as long as you exercise and eat right then you're donig the best thing.
When you're on a bit of a plateau perhaps it's that you're losing fat but also putting on muscle so there won't be any results on teh scale?

I dunno, just clutching at straws but wanting you to know that I'm thinking of you!!
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Re: Motivational crisis

Postby jessmeow » Wed May 18, 2011 8:45 pm

@ metalcharm. Thanks for that, it's nice to know you might be thinking of me :D

@ bjam. Thanks for all the tips! I think I do work a little better with pre planned menu's like you but I always find it ends up way more expensive to do it that way and I can't really afford it at the moment. If I have a basic idea for each day I think I'll be ok. I know what you mean about moving into numbers on the scale you haven't seen before. I'm actually lighter now then I have been for many years so you would think that would be motivation enough but I think I feel like I still actually 'look' bigger than I was before which really gets me down. Maybe a buddy would be a good idea. Thanks! :D

Damn all this weight loss drama! lol
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Re: Motivational crisis

Postby ganymede » Thu May 19, 2011 8:34 am

Hey Jess,

Losing motivation happens to the best of us. Trust me, it has happened to me as recently as late February of this year. I lost over 5kg and was excited and happy but then I went on holidays and ate really badly and lost my motivation completely...

Maybe you should think of it like this. Have a journal/diary with all your foods, exercise, thoughts and feelings. And be honest with yourself. If you stuff up, that's okay, write it in the book and maybe cross it off if you try to counter balance it. Say, "I ate that chocolate bar so I'm going to go to the gym tonight and make things positive again". Also, write down a list of anything you find bothers you when you eat bad and things you notice feeling much better when you are eating well and exercising (for me, my shoulder has been feeling the best it has in a LONG time and it's because I've been walking again and my anxiety is at bay because of eating healthy and working towards something).

Finding very positive reasons for sticking to your guns has been very helpful for me. Also I find once you get into a routine, it is easy to stick to and keep going. Make a promise to yourself that you won't go overboard. If you want to have a night out with friends, work out something that is reasonably healthy but still tasty that you can eat and how many drinks you could have without completely writing off that day and try to stick to them. Then you know you haven't overdone yourself and will probably feel better for it the next day :wink:

Everyone needs a hiatus every now and then. But try to still keep that healhty eating and activity going. Relax, enjoy the time off and then hop straight back into it. I'm here if you need help and motivation! That's what all of us are here for! :D

All the best,

- Shelley

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