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Diet and Health

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Diet and Health

Postby Doris Xie » Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:13 pm

Fitness doesn’t mean starvation!
Keep a diet recipe will help you to keep a fit body,plus,a better choice of diet food will help you build your muscles,strengthen your bones,and even to guard you against diseases! Chose your diet recipe, chose a healthier way to live your life!
Let’s join the era of healthy diet food!
The nutrition expert tells us different kinds of healthy food that has a diet function with delicious taste.Let’s have a in-depth look at those food.

Related genre:chick-pea,soybean,lentil

Secret weapon :soybean protein,fiber, abundant Fe element and folic acid

Super function:Build muscles,facilitate burning fat, regulate your appetite

Disease that can be prevented:Obesity,Hypertension ,Heart disease
2.Green vegetables

Related genre:spinach, kohlrabi

Secret weapon:Vitamin A,C,K,folic acid, Ca,Mg, fiber, β-Carotene

Super function:Against a free radical (a free radical accelerate the aging process)

Disease that can be prevented: Cancer,Heart disease, Stoke,
3.Low-fat or non-fat milk products

Related genre: Yogurt, cheese

Secret weapon: Ca,Vitamin A and B12, P, K, lactochrome

Super function: Strengthen your bones,keep necessary nutritions

Disease that can be prevented: osteoporosis,obesity,Hypertension,cancer
4.Pure meat:

Related genre: Pure beef, Turkey meat, Fish

Secret weapon:fiber, protein, Fe, Vitamin B1, Zn, sarcosine,Ω-3 fatty acid

Super function: build strong muscles, optimize immune system

Disease that can be prevented: Obesity, heart disease,Amnesia
5.Whole wheat bread:

Related genre: whole wheat biscuit or bread

Secret weapon:fiber,protein, Vitamin E, nicotinic acid

Super function: prevent fat storage

Disease that can be prevented: Obesity,heart disease, cancer, Hypertension
Find your substitution of high calories food!
Despite the cognition of diet and healthy food, to revise your eating habit is a very important point of a diet process. How to abandon a lust for delicious but high calorie food? Experts suggest people to find your own substitution of high calorie food! There are many kinds of substitution product on the market。
Doris Xie
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Re: Diet and Health

Postby marklee » Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:14 pm

A very nice article have you written over here about health fitness and diet.i really enjoyed reading your post.This is really a great stuff.
Hope to see such a informative stuff in future!!
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Re: Diet and Health

Postby Mekolum » Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:59 pm

Well.Nice article ...Its really informative...Thanks for sharing useful information...Please keep sharing like these useful information with us...!
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