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crash diet recovering.. i really need some help :-(

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crash diet recovering.. i really need some help :-(

Postby karin_3115 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:18 pm

hello.. ill be 17 on october(female),i weight 62 kg (137 lbs) and my height is 1.60 cm
(5'3)...2 months ago i started a crash diet which means i barely ate 400
calories a day,for 2 months+worked out at the gym 5 times a week
and i lost 11 kg,but im not going to continue with this crash diet
i just realised how stupid i was to do this damn diet,i probably damaged my body..
i really really hope its not a long term damage.:(... i still wanna lose 7 kg more and be
on my goal weight which is 55 kg,i dont care if it'll take me a whole year
to reach this goal...i learned that in life easy come-easy go,i wanted to lose
weight fast..thats why i did what i did,i wish i could go back in time and
just do it right!! :( what are you guys offering me to do right now in order
to heal and recover from this crash diet BUT WITHOUT GAINING ALL THE WEIGHT BACK?

cause i really worked hard to lose these 11 kgs,so please please pleasedont tell me i worked
for nothing,please tell me there is a way to recover from this crash
diet without gaining weight, well i dont care if ill gain some temporary weight (water) as long
as it'll go off quite fast and then ill just keep losing weight,in a slow pace of course...
i really dont mind how long it'll take me to lose these 7 kgs,i just want to lose them in a healthy
way and i really dont want to gain all that ive lost now!ill be completely devastated..:(
there must be a way i can do this!
a week ago at the same day (friday) i woke up and decided i gotta stop with this crash diet
cause i felt like i have no more power (also because ive hit a
plateau for like 2 days and i realised something's probably wrong..)
so i ate a lot that day..i mean A LOT,i kinda binged... (around 2500 calories)
and the day after i ate less,i would say 700 calories...and then i just
kept eating 700 calories till monday, on thursday i think i ate 800 calories
or maybe even 900.. and on wednesday i decided im still hurting my body
with this amount of calories and also i decided i dont want to
count calories anymore cause i became obsessed with it,so on wednesday
i ate about 1200 calories(i guess,cause im not counting calories anymore)
maybe a little more or a little less... same about tuesday..
you think i should have done this more slowly? like adding 150/200 calories each day/each week?
and if the answer is yes-how do i fix it now? (since ive already added more calories and not
in a slow pace as you can see)
at first i jumped from 400 calories to 2500 (i binged)
then got off to 700 calories and after 2 days eating 700 i ate like 900 calories and a day after
that i ate like 1200 calories or more... is this bad?

my biggest question is do i still have a chance or that im going to gain all the
weight ive lose and even more? do i still have a chance to fix what ive
done and keep on loosing the weight i want without gaining anything back and counting calories?

i really dont care if i should work out harder now..i will!!!
another question i have is about the way ive added up calories,if i did it
too fast how do i fix it now and just do it in a slower pace? or that its
too late now...?

i hope to get some useful answers for these questions cause i really feel LOST
and im really mad at myself as well :(
any help will be greatly appreciated!
(btw,im sorry if i have some spelling not native.)
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Re: crash diet recovering.. i really need some help :-(

Postby karin_3115 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:26 pm

sorry i didnt mean to post this twice! im new here so.. :S
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Re: crash diet recovering.. i really need some help :-(

Postby CronicBadger » Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:58 am

Hi Karin

Welcome to the Weightloss Forum.

Your question would be best answered by your doctor. It's in medical territory and getting medical advice from laypeople) is not a good idea.

So, I really urge you to talk to your doctor about this. She can provide you with a recovery plan and monitoring, or perhaps recommend a nutritionist.

I have read that a healthy human body is built to handle "feat or famine" eating and can take a fair amount of punishment when food energy input varies from day-to-day.

However, you may have (temporarily) damaged your body - immune and repair systems, hormone production/response, heart, kidneys, etc with the crash diet and the above may not apply. You may very well find it much easier to put on weight if you increase your food intake simply because your body's internal systems may have reduced their function to the extent where they require less energy than organs in a healthy body. This is a BAD thing, btw, and may take time to fix.

So, please see your doctor about this.

The only safe way to lose weight for the long term is do it slowly, and make changes to the mind as well as the body. Seemingly miraculous weight-loss does occur, such as on some reality television shows and some physiologically gifted individuals, but in the real world for real people it's not quite as simple. Read the articles on the main website attached to this forum for more information.
Striving to improve in every way possible.
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Re: crash diet recovering.. i really need some help :-(

Postby fatman2011 » Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:14 am

First things first. :) try to have a check up if you have some damage to your crash diet. :) try to see an expert or a nutritionist, so that you can have a proper nutrition to your diet. Eat fiber rich and protein rich food, eat some carbs but not that much and also fats. make sure you have the complete set of vitamins and minerals. :) have a well balanced diet and continue having an exercise. :) 8) 8)
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