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my Duromine adventure

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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my Duromine adventure

Postby sarahausglish » Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:33 pm

HI there, I recently joined this forum looking for help and guidance. So far it has been nothing buty helpful. I have used a couple of the recipes and really appreciate the advice and ideas that people have been offering. I have decided to document my next stage in the journey and struggle that is my weight loss.
I hope that by recording what I am experiencing I am able to help others out there too.
ONe thing I have learnt is that everyone is SO different when it comes to weight loss so I will give a little back ground on my weight as an adult so far......
At age 16 I was a 'regular' skinny mini. I was already 5'9 and weight 58 kilos. I ate whatever I wanted and stayed the same. I can only guess I was one of those fortunate kids who had a great metabolism and good genes.
Then I went on the Pill. The first one I went on was called Levelen. I lasted 3 months on that but my skin was SHOCKING. A few teenage spots became Acne and I begged my GP to but me on something else. Next I was put on Dianne which worked wonders for my skin but I put on 12Kg in 12 months. Having never really been aware of my weight I didnt notice or particularly care until the full year had passed and I couldnt fit in to my formal dress. Next I tried Yasmin and my weight balanced out at about 75kg and I was pretty comfy being a size 12-14. I never excersized or ate healthy.
I should mention that during this time a close relative of mine was diagnosed with Anorexia and it is probably for this reason that I never thought of healthy eating and excersizing as healthy. That was just something she did to achieve her warped goals and not something I felt the need to worry about. At the age of 19 I went on the implanon birth control and my weight crept up and up. At my heaviest I was 89 Kg but still did little to help myself. After 3 years I had a second implant and joined a gym. I never expected to go as I hadn't been able to commit in the past but suddenly the weight was coming off. I lopst 15 kg in 3 months and had never felt better. I also had my tonsils out and this helped to shake off the last few kilos until I was down to 70 kg the lighest I had been in years. It was a good feeling for a while until I realised it wouldnt stay off without constant hard work and dieting. But by living a lifestyle of moderation I was able to maintain at about 73Kg and was content with that. Fast forward to last year. I had my third implant put in and gained 12 kilos in 6 months. I couldn't believe it! I had the implant take out and went back on yasmin and with a lot of hard work and strict dieting the weight came off and I was down to 74kg again by april (In 5 months). HOWEVER again my skin suffered so I foolishly went back on the Dianne and low and behold I have blown up to 81kg again in just under 3 months inspite of healthy eating and going to the gym 5 days a week.
After explaining all of this to my GP she agreed that although lifestyle factors do contribute I am clearly someone whose weight is affected by their contraceptive choice. All this just because I dont want to get pregnant!?!?! My doctor has reccomended a NEW type of contraceptive and has prescribed me DUROMINE for a month to help me shed the extra weight.
So I am going to record my Duromine experience. I have looked online A LOT to find testimonials and ordeals but have not really seen anything recent.
Please feel free to ask me any questions or share your own duromine stories with me.
My biggest hope is that with the new contraceptive I can maintain the weight I reach with the help of Duromine. I feel very lucky to be able to take this drug as I know I am only just in the unhealthy weight range so I am going to make the most of it and eat sensible small meals and continue to work out 5 times a week.

watch this space!!!

Starting weight 81Kg
Goal weight 74kg
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Re: my Duromine adventure

Postby babyfat » Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:03 pm

hi :)

i am also considering taking duromine ...although i was on it for two months and lost a total of 10kg ...yesterday i put myself on xenical ..but been reading that duromine and xenical works very well together ....

any thoughts ?

also, why is it so hard for doctors to prescribe durmine ! my Dr said i have to get a blood test done every month before she can prescribe the next month supply of duromine ...has anyone gone through the same thing ? if not, any recommendation on an " easy" doctor in melbourne that can give me duromine without any trouble

cheers guys and good luck all
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Re: my Duromine adventure

Postby sarahausglish » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:44 pm

Hi there. I don't know much about xenical can u tell me about it? I know what u mean about the doctors situation. I was sooo nervous but I was really lucky with my doctor. She agreed that the weight gain was clearly from the pill as I was eating well and exercising daily. Even so I imagine I will only be on it a month or so as I'm only just in the unhealthy or overweight range.
As for my first day I certainly don't feel hungry!! It's something to get used to as I am just so used to eating!!! I also felt full of energy and worked really hard at the gym burning 800 calories doing cardio. I never go to the gym after wk I'm always too tired by the end of my 8 hour shift so I generally go first thing to get it out of the way. I def struggle to work as hard as I did tonight because I'm normally half asleep and cold!!
The only side effects I feel are worth mentioning are that I felt really happy this morning and really grumpy this evening. And my tounge is aching- not sure what that's all about. I will continue with the update tomorrow
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my Duromine adventure DAY THREE

Postby sarahausglish » Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:49 am

Ok so today is day three of my Duromine month. Yesterday (day two) was interesting....
My first night sleep was ok I fell asleep about 11pm and woke at 5am to take my second tablet. I then drifted off for another hour before waking at 6.30 FULL of energy. The last thing I felt like was food!! But I am trying really hard to get into a healthy eating pattern so I am eating small, healthy meals regardless.
On my first day I ate a small bowl of special K and All Bran, a 600mL Feel Good Ice Coffee, A green salad with balsamic dressing, another even smaller bowl of cereal, a handful of dried cranberries and 1/2 a 10" pizza with pumpkin, spinach and capsicum on top (It was a birthday tea)
On day two I ate a small bowl of cereal, a banana, a small green salad with tuna and balsamic dressing and a 600mL ice coffee.
I tried to eat some pumpkin soup for dinner but straight after work I went to the gym and did a 950 calorie cardio/weights work out. In terms of excercise I feel like I have energy to burn!! I dont feel tired and lethargic the way I did before I took these pills. HOWEVER when I got home last night I started to feel spaced out and unfocussed. within minutes I was shaking and hot with what felt like a fever. I figured it was because I had not eaten since 3pm (It was 7pm) so I tried to eat some pumpkin soup but I couldnt get it down I felt SO nautious. All of this is side effects of Duromine. I am well aware of that but I really think I overdit it at the gym. Its tough because I feel the intense need to burn the excess energy so I can sleep but I do NOT want to go through that feeling every night.

My thoughts so far
#1 I completely understand why people eat little to nothing on this drug. I am really making myself eat at the moment. But my doctor really pushed the healthy habbits idea and thats what I want most of all. It certainly helps that I couldnt care less about chips, chocolate and even my beloved banana bread. I never thought I would see the day!!

#2 I am putting my body under a bit too much strain at the gym, but again i want to use this opportunity to re condition my fitness. I dont want to come off these drugs and pile the weight back on.

I weighed in on Monday morning at 79.3 (on my scales-- the doctor on Friday was 81Kg)
today (Wednesday) I weighed in at 76.9 wow. I wonder what difference a week will make!
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Re: my Duromine adventure

Postby MmmmCake » Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:11 am

Read your entire post. I feel really bad for you about all the contraceptives you had to swap and change. Imagine what our health would be like if we didnt have to take hormones. Waaaaaaay better.:-) I don't take anything as i feel sick on everything.
Anyway, my weight story is fairly similar to yours, and before i start my own diary on this site, thought i would get a feel for it, and read some other people's experiences so i know what to expect in my first week and to get some motivation of other people's success. I start Duromine in just over a day.
Make sure you drink over 2L of water a day. I have taken stuff before, and needed no less than 2L to keep myself feeling okay. Especially when working out, as you are, i could easily go through 1.5L just before, during, and after that one workout. It helped me to not feel so sick, weak, or nauseas. Fluids help in so many ways when taking weightloss drugs.

SW: 84.5kg CW: 82.5kg GW: 59kg

July 16, 2011 - Day 1 of Duromine 15mg
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my Duromine adventure the first week

Postby sarahausglish » Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:02 am

Weight day one 79.3 Kg
Weight day eight 76.3Kg
Loss after one week 3 kilos

I am happy with the first weeks progress on Duromine. I think my body has settled into it and I have learnt how much is the right amount of excersise.
I worked out Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Saturday and Sunday, burning between 500-900 calories each time. I ate small amounts of healthy food and NEVER felt hungry. The only time I felt tempted to eat was when I was bored-which is an easy feeling to recognise and work on!
I will continue to post my weight updates
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Re: my Duromine adventure

Postby Clacena » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:10 pm

I am on a combination of duromine and xenical. i have been on them for four days. i am 178cms tall and started at 99.9kgs today i weigh 98.1. my experience so far has been good the duromine makes me a bit gittery and it supresses my appetite i still eat 3 meals and a 2 snacks a day. the Xenical has allowed me to determine what i can and cant eat. Xenical makes sure your body doesn't absorb the fat you eat you pass it through... yes this means that you pass this fat/oil stuff and it can be gross if you eat the wrong food. so i am hoping when i get this weight off that i can maintain with just exercise and healthy eating. it sounds like birth control has cause you many issues, i got benign inter-cranial hypertension this means to much pressure in my brain and i was going blind you can only get this if you are overweight and on contraception, implanon caused mine. they put a tube in that drains the excess fluid but now i get migraines so i desperately need to lose weight to help relieve them. duromine i think can really work but to maintain just like any other form of weight loss you need to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
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Duromine round 2 week 1

Postby sarahausglish » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:13 pm

Just an update about my Duromine experience
I completed the full 4 weeks. After about 2 weeks I began to feel a balance between how much energy I had and how much excesise I could manage. I also got into a routine with my eating

breaky-1 cup special K 1 cup all bran 1/2 cup skim milk
morning tea-apple
lunch-salad with or without tuna + balsamic dressing, yoghurt
afternoon tea-pear
evening meal- 1/2 tin baked beans + 1 slice toast or
tandoori chicken salad or
steamed mix veg + gravy
rocket pear and parmasan salad

In addition to this I have at least 3 litres of water per day and in the first 2 weeks 2 mugs of tea per day. In the second two weeks of the month I started to occasionaly have a coffee early in the morning. I was worried it would impact my sleeping. It didnt as long as I had it before 10am and did a good gym work out.

The last weekend before I went back to the doctors I had reached a goal weight and I had a bit of a treat of my favourite indulgance-a slice of banana bread (600cal per slice!!). It was nice to have a treat after 4 tough weeks. Even though I never really felt hungry I did miss some of my fave foods!

When I went back to the doctor exactly 4 weeks after I started she asked me how I had progressed. I explained I felt I had lost weight and that the side effects were not too bad. I explained I had
-High energy
-Nausea and headache after excessive work outs

She was happy with that and took my blood pressure and took my pulse. They were normal.
Then she weighed me
I was 81.5kg 4 weeks earlier when she weighed me in the afternoon
I was 75.5kg at the exact same time of day after the 4 weeks.
So a loss of 6kg. My doctor was shocked! The best thing she said to me was the validation that my birth control MUST have played a part in my weight gain because with my food diary and excersise log that amount of weight loss still seemed extreme. She explained that there MUST have been a loss of 'water weight' as well. I am really glad to have my concerns validted. I knew I was eating well and exercising and I should not have been gaining weight.

Anyway. The doctor said I could continue with the course for another month to consolidate my patterns. But not to expect a severe weight loss like the first month. I am aware of how 'lucky' I am to have access to these tablets and I am going to continue to make the most of it with healthy eating and exercise
.....To be continued!
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