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Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Postby carla » Sun Nov 12, 2006 3:44 pm

HI all Smile was just wondering before you started losing weight, what was your excuse not to lose weight? How did you defend your size?

Well I have never defended my size but I have made excuses for not losing weight.

'all the food I like I enjoy so much that Im not prepared to lose the comfort and enjoyment I gain from eating quantities and qualities of food that are distorting my physique into something resembling a giant, bloatation fat-a-tank'

' nobody loves me is all I really have to make me feel better'

'Ill never be able to lose weight without making myself ill, or starve myself or become addicted to certain kinds of drugs'

'losing weight is too hard work and it takes too long so why bother'

'as long as Im happy with myself, who cares what others think'

'caring about how you look is sooooo shallow and superficial anyway and Im *much too deep for that*'

Im too old to worry about all this now ( the ripe old age of 42)

...yes...guess I've got excuse-making down to a fine art form :wink: :shock:
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Postby Fluffy » Sun Nov 12, 2006 5:50 pm

All of the above but mainly nobody has loved me (boyfriend,etc) and nobody ever will so what's the point?

I have always thought of losing weight for someone else i.e. if I lose weight then he will then love me and see that I am great! It hasn't worked that way at all. The only differene now is that I am losing weight for myself but I do still have that voice of maybe "he" whoever "he"might be will notice me and then he really will love me. It sounds so terrible and stupid but that is how I feel all the time. Even now as I write this but I just have to keep going for me. I have also had friends who said you are not that big but funny now how they all say "well, great to see you are making some positive changes"...Their honesty would have hurt me but wish they could have said it sooner.
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Postby Kylie » Mon Nov 13, 2006 2:56 pm

When I was at my biggest at 105kg, I was quite happy. I never really noticed my weight (too much) and I never had any self hatred.
Deep down, I wasn't that happy (of course) but I never complained and I just went along happily. I was always secretly hoping, wishing, wondering if the weight was just going to magically fall off as I certainly was not going to do it. I was certainly not up for the challenge, no way! I always thought it would be too hard. I always thought that these weightloss 'miracles' happened to other people and I certainly had no power and no control over the situation.
I always relied on "one day". You know: "One day I'll get the guts to do something about it"

However, I was wrong! I seriously underestimated myself and the power I have to change anything, AN-Y-THANG!

If I tried, I would get results. It was simple. And it wasn't even that difficult. I just moved. I walked 5km a day and the weight fell off!
Now I have a new struggle, losing another 15kg or so with my new (not as strong and powerful) mindset. :cry: I'll get there.
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