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1 week on CSIRO diet & going strong!! 3kg lost - yay!!!

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1 week on CSIRO diet & going strong!! 3kg lost - yay!!!

Postby Hayley » Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:48 pm

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't had contact for a week. I've been really busy at school and with interviews for teaching jobs for 2006.

Anyway, it's been 1 week exactly on the CSIRO diet and I've found it so easy. I've even lost 3kg, which is really motivating. It has been a little difficult eating 100g meat for lunch every day but am getting used to it and it is a lot easier now. I find it easier if I cook hot meals from their recipes and heat them for lunch, rather than trying to eat a sandwhich which contains 100g meat.

I haven't broken once (amazing I know, especially for a choc-o-holic) and instead of my two glasses of wine I'm allowed per week, I can have a 40g chocolate ( an easy trade off!)

I decided to start with the meal plan for a week before introducing exercise. Tonight, exactly a week after I started the eating change, I commenced my exercise routine. I walked at a high speed on hill setting on my treadmill, for an hour and even did some sit-ups.

I have finally found an eating plan that's easy for me to follow and that seems to be working. I've had no headaches, am not hungry and do not feel deprived of anything.

This is a lifestyle change for life and I AM going to lose 16 kgs before Christmas!!

Good luck everyone, stick with what works for you and don't give up.

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Postby Dolly » Tue Sep 13, 2005 1:00 am

Hayely, it's wonderful that you came back and good luck with that teaching interview for next year.
My daughter's teaching in Mt Magnet at the moment on her 3rd year in a difficult to teach area. I worry about her because she is an insulin dependant diabetic and they sent her to a school that has no hospital and the doctor has a 200 kilometer travel range so is hardly ever in town. She went into a diabetic coma 2 months ago but luckily her new teacher boyfriend managed to revive her (actually they've recently announced their engagement) so I guess going to the remote town was part of gods plan for her.

Congratulations on finding the diet that best suits you, many people never achieve this and just spend a life time moving from one diet to another. I think if I did 3 hours of exercise or even 1 come to think of it, I might be able to move this blubber a bit quicker.

Thanks for sharing about the CSIRO diet.

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Postby miss_muffin » Tue Sep 20, 2005 2:38 pm

Well done Hayley, your doing really well :lol:

lol, this must be a teachy forum.....because i'm a a teacher too!!!!

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