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Diet Tips

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Diet Tips

Postby davinabenet01 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:23 pm

Don't eat large, heavy meals last thing at night or your body won't have chance to burn off those calories.
Drink plenty of water and low calorie drinks to help you feel full.
Make yourself more active, climb stairs and walk all short journeys.
Allow yourself treats occasionally or you may end up binging.
Don't be too hard on yourself, aim to lose weight slowly and it will stay off for good.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby AbelAbbot » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:56 pm

Trying to make your diet healthy overnight isn’t realistic or smart. Changing everything at once usually leads to cheating or giving up on your new eating plan. Make small steps, like adding a salad to your diet once a day or switching from butter to olive oil when cooking. As your small changes become habit, you can continue to add more healthy choices to your diet. Find something active that you like to do and add it to your day, just like you would add healthy greens, blueberries or salmon. The benefits of lifelong exercise are abundant and regular exercise may even motivate you to make healthy food choices a habit.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby davidtfranz » Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:25 am

Hi guys..

There's are some natural diets tips much more safe and not expensive..
Many people hate the idea of rigid diets - the good news is that if follow the five proven weight loss tips below, you will lose weight easily.

The diet tips require no real willpower and can improve anyone's diet and chances of healthy weight control.

1. Drink Water

One of the most effective diet tips is to drink plenty of water. In fact, water is possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.

Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant by keeping your stomach full and fending off dehydration that leads to hunger cravings. Water also provides the additional benefit of flushing out toxins from the body and keeping it hydrated.

Water also helps your body metabolize stored fat by helping the kidneys flush out waste. When you don't drink enough water the liver that works to provide stored fat for energy also takes on the role of helping the kidneys eliminate waste and thus becomes less effective at metabolizing fat.

2. Eat Breakfast

Many people believe one of the best diet tips is skipping breakfast, as it will help them lose weight, this is totally incorrect. Skipping breakfast can make you hungrier later in the day leading to distorted satiety signals (i.e. it's hard to determine when you're full). This can actually result in eating more as a result.

If you don't have time to eat breakfast or don't like to, at least have a liquid meal to fuel your body after sleeping and having no nutrition for several hours.

3. Increase Fibre Intake

Eating lots of foods rich in fibre helps keep food moving through your bowels. Just like water, fiber rich foods bulk you up and make you feel full. In fact, the average person could lose around 10 pounds a year just from doubling their fiber intake.

High fiber foods are generally low in calories and fill you up, so eating more of them means you're eating fewer calories and leaving less room for calories from other foods. Fiber also cuts calories by attaching itself to some of the other proteins and fats that you eat and eliminates them as well.

The average person consumes about 8g of fiber per day, but many experts recommend 25g. Start your day with a high fiber cereal and keep eating fibre throughout the day.

4. Eat Healthy Fats

Many experts claim that fat causes obesity, raises your cholesterol and causes heart disease, but this is not strictly true. If fat is all that bad, why is it part of our natural diet chain? The reason is fat can be very good for you.

Fat provides the body with essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acids) needed for normal reproduction and growth, as well as for production of prostaglandin, a hormone like compound that regulates blood pressure, blood clotting, and inflammation.

When eating fats you should eat healthy fats. Eating "healthy" fats includes the cold-water fish, mackerel and salmon, nuts, and olive oil. By eating healthy fats over unhealthy ones you will lose weight.

5. Lean Protein

Protein is a great weight control tool because of the immediate satiety factor and because it keeps you full for longer periods. It also balances out carbs by preventing insulin spikes that can lead to a drain in energy and sugar cravings.

Protein also helps maintain muscle mass, which is very important in the fat burning process. At least 20% of calories should be in the form of protein.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby ryanphillips » Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:32 am

Your metabolism is vitally important and can literally make or break your weight loss efforts. Your basil metabolic rate (the rate in which your body uses up energy when your not doing anything) can be the difference between weight loss or weight gain so it is essential that you understand how to improve this. The director of the Exercise Physiology Lab at Columbia University Medical Center, Rochelle Goldsmith admits “Some people are genetically programmed to be active; they’re naturally restless and use more energy, those are the lucky high metabolism types.” The good news is your basil metabolic rate is not set in stone, it can be increased or decreased based on the food that you eat and how active you are. Below are the 9 metabolism boosting secrets that will drastically speed up your metabolism, burn more calories and help you lose weight.

# 1 Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast

You hear everyone say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is true! Eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism for the day and it will also stop you from snacking half way through the morning. The important thing here is the time of breakfast, your level of cortisol (the hormone that helps you use calories to build muscle) is sky high in the morning just after you wake up, it won’t be any higher than this at any point in the day so eating breakfast, especially eating breakfast early will turn those calories into muscle as fast as possible. I recommend having breakfast within 30 minutes of waking and the 2 breakfast I cycle between are a 30g protein shake when I have to be out the house early and eggs (scrambled or poached) organic sausages and turkey bacon. Also note to optimize fat loss for the day you need at 30g+ of protein for breakfast. (30g is the equivalent to 2 hard boiled eggs)

# 2 Exercise

Aerobic exercise revs up your metabolism for as long as an hour after you stop. I always recommend short burst exercise in the morning if possible, imagine your belly is an oven, by completing a short aerobic exercise routine in the morning e.g. training at the gym or running you turn the oven on so any food that goes in gets burned off a lot faster than if the oven was turned off. Ideally short high intensity exercise gives a bigger increase of your resting metabolic rate compared to medium or low intensity exercise. I recommend going for a walk and add in sprints of 10 seconds to every 20 – 30 seconds of walking or if you would rather stay inside and exercise, a basic cardio circuit of squats, sit ups, skipping etc. will really get your metabolism going.

# 3 Build Muscle

The basic formula is more muscle = higher metabolic rate. This is why a man’s resting metabolic rate is naturally higher than a woman’s, because men have more muscle. Ladies shouldn’t worry about bulking up by adding resistance/weight training to their exercise regime, all that will happen is your wobbly bits will become more firm and toned. Remember every pound of muscle uses about 6 calories a day to sustain itself while a pound of fat only uses 2 calories.

# 4 Have Your Drinks On The Rocks

In order to process calories your body needs water, I aim to drink between 2 – 3 litres of water a day to keep me hydrated, even mild dehydration slows down your metabolism. In addition to this drinking ice cold beverages prompt the body to burn more calories during digestion. Just by drinking 5 glasses of water on the rocks can use up an extra 10 calories per day without any form of dieting or exercise. Every little helps.

# 5 Four Hour Eating

Eating food more regularly can actually make you lose weight! Jim White, a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association says “The more frequently you eat, the more often your metabolism revs up. Conversely, missing a meal, or going too long between meals brings your metabolism to a crawl. Your body switches into starvation mode and your system slows down to conserve energy.” I aim to eat every 4 hours, this normal falls into every 3 – 5 hours because of work, another benefit of eating more regularly is you will be less likely to over eat at meal times or snack in between.

# 6 Spice Up Your Meals

If you like hot food you can speed up your metabolism by adding red or green chilli peppers, cayenne peppers or jalapeños. These peppers contain a chemical called Capsaicin which temporary stimulates your body to release stress hormones which has the knock on effect of increasing you metabolic rate which allows you to burn more calories.

# 7 Power Up With Metabolism Accelerating Foods

Protein takes almost 25% more energy to digest compared to carbohydrates or fat. By eating more protein at meals your metabolism will keep sky high throughout the day which is one of the best ways to help you lose weight, there are 3 food groups that super accelerate fat loss; a complete list of these food groups can be found in my free 6 day Fat loss eCourse which you can access instantly direct to your inbox. Just Click Here Caffeine also helps speed up your metabolism by stimulating the production of adrenaline, just limit yourself to no more than two cups a day and use cream (2 tablespoons max) instead of milk.

# 8 Get enough ZZZZ’s

In a 16-year study of sleep-deprived women published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers found that those who slept seven to eight hours a night had the lowest risk for major weight gain, while women who got six hours a night were 12% more likely to pile on a significant number of pounds, and those who logged five hours or less were 32% more likely to gain weight. Sleep deprivation increases production of the chemical cortisol by approx 50% which in turn increases your body’s hunger levels and throws out the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin which reduces your ability to tell when you are full. It also interferes with the body’s ability to metabolise carbohydrates and leads to more fat storage so try and get a few early nights if you want to keep the weight off.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby kylakeeper » Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:36 am

Just do the basic things. Exercise, proper diet and always drink lots of water. It is effective if you have consistency.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby foodcoach » Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:45 pm

Daily exercise,Proper diet,drink lots of water and eat lots of vegetables.Just follow this diet and you can lose weight.Enough water about 80 – 96%, is amongst the most important nutritional additions that you can make to your weight loss efforts.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby foodcoach » Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:04 pm

It's good that you are following this diet plan for weight loss.But don't forget to add some nutritional tips.Nutritional diet is also important for our body.Nutritional diet containing vitamins,proteins,nutritional suppliments plays an important role in generating good health.So do your regular work but also add these nutritional tips to your diet.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby foodcoach » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:19 pm

Also for something cool, tasty, and nutrient-filled in the morning, try a shake or smoothie. The Balanced Diet nutritional drink provides 180 calories with lots of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in a naturally flavored French vanilla or chocolate royale. Each serving includes 5 grams of dietary fiber and 10 grams of soy, or 40 percent of the daily minimum now recommended by the American Heart Association.
You'll Save: 60 calories daily and nearly 6 grams of fat compared with many other similar by following this balanced diet you can loose your body weight in a healthy manner.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby foodcoach » Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:34 pm

B-Vitamins are essential for the functioning of the nervous system, which controls our stress response. Vitamin B for anxiety is therefore important. Our stress response system determines how we feel in the face of everyday stress. The B-vitamin complex is made up of such B vitamins as thiamine (B-1), pyridoxine (B-6), niacin (B-3) and riboflavin (B-2).
When we think of vitamin C, we think of its ability to ward off colds and flu. Its immune system support also helps the stress response system do its job. For anxiety C vitamin is vitally important. It helps strengthen the body in many ways against everyday stress.
To get these vitamins get vegetables,proteins,nutritional diet in your daily food and stay healthy.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby howdiie » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:08 pm

Some interesting tips and advise for weight loss. I have lost 12 kilo's and down less than have been for over 20 years. It was not a quick fix and took time but I feel so much better for it. I have added some info on my web pages regarding how I went about it. Mostly low GI, watching portion sizes and cutting out some foods and indtroducing new healthy foods and a moderate daily activity my site is [Deleted]
HTH howdiie :roll:
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby SebastianHube » Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:37 pm

You must drink a lot of water when you are hungry. Do not try to look for snacks and binge. A jug of water or fresh fruit juice is a wonderful way of dieting. You can think of increasing your daily activities every single day in order to lose weight. You must increase your diet activities and enjoy yourself. You must concentrate on eating 5 meals at least that include fruits and vegetables.

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Diet Tips

Postby » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:18 pm

I manage to lose quite a lot of weight. I havent reached my goal yet but I am getting there :)

This has worked for me:

1. 30min-1 hour walk before breakfast 2-3 times a week. (Really powerful weight loss method)

2. Nutrition- I follow the alkaline diet. It has really changed my life. My energy levels has skyrocket and it has affected my weight loss as well. I try to stay away from acidic foods that affect the pH-levels in the blood.

3. Mindset

I also use a few supplements like vitamin B2, olive leaf extract and fish oil.

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