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should there have been a moment?

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should there have been a moment?

Postby saram589 » Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:31 am

Hi All,

My name is Sara!

I dont come here often but I have a question, I got to my "goal" weight on saturday Iv lost 33.6kg and Im wondering if I should have a WOW this is it moment? Yes I was happy and proud but I dont feel done?

Should I keep going? I could stand to loose more weight im currently 74kg and 169cm tall. My orginal goal was 68kg then I decided that was to much to loose when I first started but now im thinking maybe thats what I want.

I wear a size 12 now and that was my goal size but Im having trouble feeling happy with my body now that iv stopped.

Can anyone help me work this out?
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Re: should there have been a moment?

Postby XdanielX » Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:41 pm

Hi :)

A lot of people who lose weight find this, that although they have reached their ideal number, they haven't quite reached their ideal look.

This could be for several reasons, they may have underestimated how much they needed to lose or what they would look like at a certain weight, they may have lost a lot of muscle and kept fat, or there could even be one of a many different psychological problems that I have heard about with a lot of overweight people who lose weight have and that is no matter how small you get you are so used to not looking good or being in shape that you see and feel yourself as being bigger or not as in shape as you really are.

Hoping you just haven't quite reached your goal yet I would maybe try your original goal and see how you look then but judge it in the mirror not on the scales and try not to obsess about it because after all as you said, you are a size 12 so your are really by no means overweight.

I've found also I find it hard to deal with the new attention I get now, before when I was REALLY big I didn't want anyone to touch me or draw any attention to myself, now I have lost some weight I am getting more attention yet in my mind I'm still huge and feel self conscious and don't want the attention, it's a very tough battle.

I also never had a WOW moment, who knows, maybe one day I will but I am sure one day you will reach the level you will be happy with, don't lose too much though, 68 sounds a pretty much perfect healthy weight for you.

Hope this helped

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