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Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Happyfingers » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:47 pm

Fingers here

currently at 170 kilo and have arrived at rock bottom :?

recently watched the movie "fat, sick and nearly dead" and was inspired to try the method (fresh raw juice only diet)
had a attempt in early dec 2011 and lasted 6 days, was feeling great and not hungry at all but my mind got me and i folded

so starting again today
heres where it gets weird
as much as i belive that fresh raw vegetable juice is good for you from a weight loss perspective
i just cant try as i may get the stuff beyond my tongue, i gag on the stuff, ive never liked vegetables (the taste) but i know they are good and my body needs them, if you ever had fresh raw vegetable juice youd understand that it doesnt taste real good, some people have different levels of tolerance for such taste

i have no tolerance, i dont eat fish (never have, ever), i cant stand the smell of mushrooms and thus have never eaten them, and the same goes for eggplant
these foods for some reason unknown to me i simply will not touch them, i would die of hunger before eating them :P

so what to do ?
i have ordered what is called a nasogastric feeding tube, i plan to self install it in my nose (watched it done on a nursing website video and it seems easy enough) and down to my stomach, bypass the tongue if you will, i then have a small electric pump which i will use to pump the fresh raw vegetable juice straight into my stomach followed by a hose and pump rinse using water

i know, i know, its madness, but it WILL work. :wink:

there are so many things in my life that i want to do and this extra weight keeps holding me back, not to mention i dont feel well, not well at all, i feel terrible, i struggle to dress myself, i struggle to clean myself after using the toilet, i struggle to even find clothes that fit, when you shop at mr big in target 7xl is as far as it goes

im ashamed

i have no friends

i went to bed at 9pm on new years eve because i have no friends, no social circle to assosiate with

my body is 40 but in my mind im still a teenager

i have a 27k jetski, its gorgeous and powerful, i fractured a rib the other day just by climbing back onto it the wrong way because of my weight, my children like to spin around on it and fall off for fun but i keep it to a minimum as i struggle to get back on it, fractured ribs hurt, ive fractured ribs on both sides now in the exact same way, climbing back onto the jetski in deep water

i go snow skiing every year, in 2011 i have gained at least 20kilos, i know i can not go skiing at this weight as it was hard enough not hurting myself when i was at 150, snow skiing is a very brutal sport and is very hard to do when you weigh as much as i do, your knees work harder than they ever will, usually the next day i cant walk as my muscles are burned up that bad

so today is day one for me, i will take some photos of my massive body tonight so i can keep a record of my progress

feeding tube ? i know its crazy and i know some of you may caution me against it, but its all i can think of to get the nutrients into my body

oh and also im using duromine this time to try and hold off the cravings

wish me luck
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby wants2loseWEIGHT » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:36 pm

Hmmm. fresh raw juice? I love veggies but I don't think I can take them as juice. Well, might give it a try as well.
Happy New Year!
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Roblyssa » Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:06 am

While I feel the pain you must feel being so heavy, I was horrified to read your story about tube feeding yourself!

I think it is great you are using Duromine. I would ask you to simply start with that and with very slow walks around the block every day before trying something as drastic as tube feeding yourself.

I found a wonderful iPhone app called My Fitness Pal (you can access it from most of the new phones or on the web at and it counts your calories for you as you eat them. I accounts for water intake and exercise. If you don't like certain foods, don't eat them. But if you stuck to your calorie allowance and did a little exercise every day, along with the Duromine, you will see the kilos fall off you.

I sure hope you lose the weight you want to. I would be interested to keep up with your progress.

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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby newyork » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:09 pm

Hey there,
I totally feel you re vegetables. I hate the taste and gag. And mushrooms aswell- if I can smell them in a sauce it's very hard to swallow. Having been on Duromine before, I think this is all the help you need at the moment. It will give you a good loss to start with and help to motivate. I would stay away from the feeding tube. Having to feed my disabled neice with one years ago, I don't see why anyone would do this by choice. Good Luck :)
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Metalcharm » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:46 pm

I have tried to start this post a few times and just can't work out what I want to say :shock: .

Firstly congratualtions on recognising that you have to do something about your health and starting on a plan!

I just think that at some stage you have to suck it up, be an adult and eat your veges!
My picky eating son will tell anyone who listens that he hates the taste of every vegetable (except carrots :? ) that passes his lips but he eats them. He used to gag when I first introduced them to him but he got used to the taste.
Would you let your kids eat their veges that way? :shock:

Why not cook up something that you like and 'hide' the vegetables in it. Something like Spaghetti bolognaise? You can even hide pumpkin in a chocolate cake if you need to. (although not recommended for the whole weight loss thing! lol) but the point is that you don't have to eat veges raw .. cook them and eat them with something you DO like.

Drugs and a feeding tube don't sound like very healthy ways of achieving weight loss and if you want to start doing stuff with your kids again without breaking ribs then being healthy is the way to be.
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Skinny_Minnie » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:54 pm

Hi Fingers,

First of all, I just want to commend you for coming here and for sharing your story, and for wanting to make a change in your life. It's clear that you really do want to make a change, and I think that with every accomplishment you will see an improvement in your quality of life.

Don't get too down on yourself about New Years. New Years is tough! So many expectations to have The Best Night Ever. Put that one behind you. : )

I want to just quickly and swiftly comment on your feeding tube idea and your juice idea. Feeding tube - please please please please throw this way. You are not an invalid and you are not in a coma. You are a beautiful human being who has been through some struggles to get to the weight you are today, but you are worthwhile and important and you need to start treating your body with love and respect. Please, I almost beg you, get rid of that thing.

Second of all - and most importantly. I know that when you want to lost weight, it is very very tempting to look towards a magical fix or diet as the answer. The fantastic wonderful amazing news for you, and I really hope you will believe and celebrate this, is that you do NOT have to go on an all juice diet to lose weight. Please ditch this idea and breathe a sigh of relief.

Your body wants and needs a variety of food to function at its best. By forcing yourself to only eat juice and by DEPRIVING yourself of all the other food groups, I am sorry to say it, but I guarantee you, 100%, this diet will not work, you will fall off it. You will binge.

I am not saying this to be unkind or because I don't have faith in your ability to lost weight. I am saying this because what you are attempting to do is impossible for ANYONE. Impossible, unrealistic, and plain silly. So please, forget that too.

I have done a LOT (a LOT) of reading about nutrition, diets and emotional eating. I have read some books I have liked and some books that I did not like. Therefore I can recommend some excellent books to you which I think you will find very informative and inspirational. The first one is called 'The Sweet Poison Quit Plan' by David Gillesspie. He also has a book called 'Sweet Poison' which was the first book, but the second one is a bit easier to read (less technical). The second book is called 'Constant Craving' by Doreen Virtue. It is about emotional eating. The third book I want to recommend is called 'The Clean and Lean Diet. All of these are available from BIG W.

If you only want to buy one book, I would go for The Sweet Poison Quit Plan. It really educated me and opened my eyes.

Fingers, losing weight does not have to be a horrible battle. It should actually be a very enjoyable experience. You can enjoy a wide range of foods. Good breakfast foods include eggs, berries, natural yoghurt, rye bread, oats and porridge. Snacks can be things like veges with hommus, plain popcorn, fruit, nuts, oat cakes, avocado. Lunches can include brown rice, brown pasta, wholegrain or rye bread, chicken, turkey, tuna... and dinners can include fish, chicken, lean meats, etc. etc. There is really SO much variety and enjoyment to be found in eating well and nuturing your body, and your body NEEDS this fuel in order to function properly. If you just drink juice, where on earth do you expect your body to get its supply of fiber and protein?!?!?! A raw juice diet is actually a very UNHEALTHY and unkind thing to do to your body.

Furthermore, you need to change your lifestyle and your eating habits for life. Let's say by some miracle a person was able to lose 100kg on a juice diet (fantasy world) - then what? You can drink juice forever. You need to start teaching yourself NOW how to shop for and prepare healthy food. Feeding yourself juice through a tube is not going to do that, is it? It is an unrealistic idea.

Fingers, if you're not ready or not sure how to shop for and prepare healthy food, could you consider giving a program such as Lite N Easy or Weight Watchers a go? In this way, you will at least be eating a variety of interesting foods and not depriving your body of essential nutrients, protein and fibre, and you won't be bored.

You also need to think about exercise. There are so many different forms of exercise you can do. Start by walking around your block, or if you're not ready to go outside and exercise, you could hire a treadmill ($10 per week) or you could buy some second hand workout DVDs from the net and start from there. Exercise should be fun, just keep it varied and make sure you're enjoying yourself.

Although it is clear you are ready to start losing weight, please take some time to do some more research, starting with these books, about your body and nutrition. You said in your post, "I know I know, it's madness, but it WILL work". It WILL NOT work. If a human was strong enough to sustain such a deprived diet then theoretically, yes, you would lose weight. Mostly because you would be consuming far too few calories to sustain yourself. Your brain and your vital organs need a certain number of calories per day to function optimally. You are better off being fat than to eat far too few calories with NO PROTEIN OR FIBRE which will starve your organs and make your muscles waste away. You will have no energy and your ability to think will be impaired. Fact.

If you are really serious about weight loss, please take the time to do it the healthy and safe way - the only way! It will be a slow process, but I promise you, it is the only way to do it.

Good luck. I really hope you succeed.
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Skinny_Minnie » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:59 pm

P.S. I am 28 and weigh 66 kilos... I am on a diet to lose 6 kilos. You can follow my review of my detox plan in the 'Skinny Mini' review thread. I will also have a section in the Personal Progress. I hope you continue writing.
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Happyfingers » Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:45 am

Its Day 8 now and im still going strong

nothing but fresh raw juice (fruitjuice) and duromine for the last 7 days and nights
many challenges along the way but im still here
its not my intention to debate different styles or methods of weight loss
Im doing this regardless of what anybody else thinks

i feel good, im hungry but its not a physical hunger its a mental hunger
ive definately dropped some kilos, not sure how much as i dont have scales that go beyond 150 kilo, but i can feel it

with the duromine you feel in a constant state of chemical inebriation and to be honest i dont enjoy that sensation, but it helps so i tolerate it
sometimes my mind is very scattered and i need to seek some quiet space where there are no people as i feel like im racing (duromine)
I dont like it, id rather not feel that way but theres no denying that the duromine has helped with controling my urges to eat

im still looking into the nasogastric tube as i just cant bring myself to drink raw vegetable juice, i want to get some good nutrients in my stomach
(bok choy, celery, cabbage, tomatos, etc.) i simply wont be able to drink these fresh raw juices, nasogastric feeding is the only way i can get them in
im going to ask my doctor if he will insert one (he probably wont) i havnt even told him im on a juice only diet yet, so if he doesnt i will have no choice but to self insert, im not even sure if the company that sells them will allow me to buy one, maybe you have to be a medical practice, im not sure.

day 5 was hard, day 6 was even harder, day 7 was the most difficult, but i made it to the other side, i only have one more nightshift to do and then i can sleep in my own bed for another week instead of being all alone at work and vulnerable, in the fridge at work there are hot cross buns that some inconsiderate staff member purchased, something like that would usually break me, but i havnt touched them, nor will i

I need to do this
I will do this
its my time 8)
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Happygirl84 » Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:58 am

Hi fingers!

Go you good thing!! Im just reading your posts and it makes me so sad but I am filled with hope for you!! You CAN and WILL do it. I've dropped 40 kilos and kept it off for 2 years now!!

You'll feel fantastic when you start to lose weight and people start to compliment you!! It will be come adictive and it will be easier to say NO to unhealthy choices in life.

Try putting a picture on your fridge of yourself when you were slim or of someone whose body you'd like to have. It helped me! I had Michelle Bridges on my fridge and every time I went to get food she'd be there telling me to get water or fresh fruit or nuts and not chocolate, chips etc etc
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby SugarandSpice » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:28 am

Good on you for making the choice to lose weight!

I know you don't want to debate about the use of a NGT, but I would just like to say if your Dr, will not do it and you wish to go ahead and do it yourself - BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

My son had one inserted in hospital and they can easily be swallowed into the lungs instead of the stomach on insertion. I remember very clearly when they thought they had the tube in place they used a syringe to suction out what they thought would be stomach contents to ensure it was in the correct place. Unfortunately the tube had gone into my sons lungs instead and as they were suctioning and suctioning trying to get something out - my son was turning blue as they were actually sucking the air out of his lungs!!

It is very important to ensure it is in the right place otherwise imagine if you started to feed though it and the fluid was heading straight to your lungs!!

have you thought about those tablets from herron- daily vegie and daily fruit?? Ever since that time my son was in hospital we have had trouble with his eating and he does not get any vegies or fruit in his diet so I bought those ??

Created by - Nutrition Facts For Foods
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Skinny_Minnie » Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:35 pm


Well done on your strength so far, wish you luck in your journey ahead.

Would urge you to do some reading on nutrition though, because if you are just drinking juice you are not getting any fibre or protein. Your body needs both. It's not all about weight. It's about giving the organs in your body the right things to ensure they function at best. Your poor organs and muscles getting no fibre and no protein. That is not a good thing. I'm sorry, I just can't understand why you would deprive yourself of a well rounded healthy diet when you can lose weight and be healthy eating a variety of foods that your body needs. Go nuts on juice, but you need to eat fibre and protein too? You may lose weight, but your organs are suffering and your body will be weaker on the inside. I'm just not sure why you would do that to yourself.

That's all I will say. Good luck.
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby Roblyssa » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:35 pm

I totally agree with the others, and I commend you for your committment, but I sit here reading and wonder just what will happen to the 'weight loss' when you start eating 'real' food (such as protein and fibre)?

I hope you get everything out of this journey that you wish to get out of it.

All the best
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Re: Its crazy but i just cant see any other way

Postby kylakeeper » Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:22 am

Honestly I've tried it and heard from the other people who tried that kind of method just to lose weight. It is effective and its an healthy way of losing weight.
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