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'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

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'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

Postby Skinny_Minnie » Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:42 pm

Hi everyone!

I have started this thread as a place to track my process and to review the 'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox product, hopefully for the benefit of others. After I have completed the review I will continue tracking my progress in the Personal Progress section.

I am 28 years old and I weighed in this morning at 66.7 kilos. I am 5"6.

I am not 'dieting' in the sense of the word, where it means restricting calories and food. I am just eating well, so I figure that my body will find it's ideal weight, naturally.

I decided to kickstart with a healthy detox, following the Christmas season which is full of drinking and eating lots of sugar! I also have a wedding to attend on Saturday. I am doing to detox to cleanse my body, I am not trying to lose a rapid amount of weight on the detox, but I am sure after a 5 day detox I will be feeling quite good, regardless of my weight. I decided to embark on a detox program rather than simply start 'dieting' because I feel like a program gives me some structure but within a very 'doable' time frame. 5 days is not much at all. After the 5 days I think I will be feeling cleansed and ready to continue on my weight loss journey.

About the program
Skinny Mini is a 5 day detox program. You buy the box which contains 15 sachets of powdered superfoods (antioxidants, etc). You drink one before your breakfast, one before your lunch, and one an hour before bed (after your dinner). You do this for 5 days. Whilst on the detox you still eat three meals and snacks. The booklet in the pack gives a list of what you can and can't eat during detox. It's pretty obvious stuff. You can eat oats, rye or wholegrain bread, eggs, lean protein, vegies and fruit. You have to avoid alcohol, caffeine, extra sugar and salt, margarine, etc.

Why I chose this program
I hadn't heard of this detox before, I just typed '5 day detox' into Google last night, because there's 5 days til the wedding! I like the idea of this because it seems healthy through and through. The sachets are packed with things like Gogi and Acai berries and green tea, among other things. All healthy and all natural. I like idea of this detox because it is no gimmicky in the sense that it is not asking me to restrict my calorie intake or to only eat soup or shakes for 5 days! I also like the idea of preparing and drinking the detox rather than swallowing a pill. It just feels more healthy, more cleansing.

I only decided to do a detox program last night so I went to Priceline this morning to purchase the Skinny Mini kit. It was $40. You are meant to take one sachet before breakfast but I had to miss that one. I came home and excitedly opening the box. I was very impressed with the packaging and contents. It contained a little tape measure if you wished to record your measurements, and a booklet that is full of information all about the ingredients and the detox, as well as a suggested meal plan and some recipes. I won't be following the meal plan to the letter, but it will be good for some ideas for meals and snacks. I had my first sachet before lunch. You simply stir in the sachet with 250mL of water. It tasted healthy. Haha. It was pleasant enough tasting - definitely digestible! Though it's not the type of beverage I would drink all the time by choice. I am happy with this. The fact that it tastes healthy and not absolutely delicious seems to be a positive thing.

I haven't yet had my dinner so I've only had one sachet - not much of a review as yet! I am feeling good, pretty hungry though. I think that is also down to the fact that I have been eating a LOT over the past month. I am drinking a lot of water, which you need to do to flush out the toxins. I have also started dry body brushing, and will be having an Epsom salt bath (probably tomorrow) - both also good for the whole toxin removal caper.

Here is what I have eaten/will be eating today. This is the type of food I usually eat anyway when I am being "good" - so eating this way is not too painful for me. I suppose if you are more used to a diet of things like coffee, tea, alcohol and lots of bread, you may find the actual food part more of a challenge.

BREAKFAST: 2 scrambled eggs (nothing added)

MORNING SNACK: Didn't have one. I was out buying my pack!

LUNCH: Tinned red salmon and lettuce sandwich on Burgen Rye bread. Used Tahini instead of butter (rye is a great bread to eat, it gives longer lasting energy than wheat bread.)

AFTERNOON SNACK: A few pumpkin seeds and almonds followed by a mango.

DINNER: Grilled salmon and vegies

BEVERAGES: Green tea, water water water

EXERCISE: 50 minute brisk hilly bushwalk with my dogs!

I will check in again tomorrow evening.
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Re: 'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

Postby Skinny_Minnie » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:02 pm


Detox is going well. I feel good. This is a very easy detox to do. I hope it's doing good things inside! The only issue I have had is that I had to get up about four times last night due to all the water I'd had! Otherwise all good.

Breakfast: Be Natural Oats and Grains Porridge with skim milk and handful of blueberries
Lunch: (Dropped my lunch when I stepped out of the car this morning, therefore my lunch became a culmination of my snacks, instead) Two plums, 3 strawberries, handful nuts and pumpkin seeds, one large carrot
Dinner: Beef, lentil and vegetable stew. Technically you're not really meant to have beef on the detox, but it was lean and the rest of the meal was healthy.

Exercise: Walk/run in bush

Monday Weight: 66.7
Tuesday wEIGHT 66.3
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Re: 'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

Postby Skinny_Minnie » Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:00 pm


Here I am at the end of Day Three of the 5 Day Detox. It is going really well, I am feeling very healthy and happy.

It is always going to be disappointing, when you're trying to lose weight, when you hop on the scales in the morning and the number hasn't budged, or heaven forbid, has risen. I must admit I was a bit disappointed when the scales hadn't changed this morning, but I know that isn' necessarily a bad thing. I would rather keep my weight than lose muscle and water anyway. Anyway, weight fluctuates from day to day based on a range of things, and I know I have been eating really well, so my body is surely happy on the inside. I did feel lighter when I woke up.

Last night I was so hungry when I went to bed (on account of my lunch mishap, I think) that I got up and had a bowl of muslie. I don't believe in letting yourself suffer through feelings of starvation!

Today I did get hungry but then by the time I was eating I felt like I couldn't really eat a huge lunch. Same with dinner. It's as though, with the sugar trip I was on, I'm able to reasses my true hunger and food needs.

Here's what today entailed:

Weds: 66.3kg
Tues: 66.3 kg
Mon: 66.7 kg

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs on one piece of Burgen Rye

Lunch: Red Salmon on burgen sandwich (ate about 2/3); one plum; several almonds

Dinner: Chicken baked with lemon, honey and a little olive oil; peas

Beverages: One green tea, water, and the three Skinny sachets

Exercise: 30 minutes dancing
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Re: 'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

Postby BossMan » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:32 am

Not treying to be a troll, but aren't short qucik detox programs scams? To truly cleanse your body of these harmful substances fully takes weeks if not months to completly remove dont they? If im wrong please correct me, I'm just going off what I saw the the day time TV show, The Doctors, Gillian had someone ask her about Detox programs, she seemed to be dead against them saying what i posted above. Again correct me if i am wrong
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Re: 'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

Postby Skinny_Minnie » Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:27 pm


You may be wrong or you may be right.

I'm sure it does take weeks, but for me, the detox program was a kickstart to get me back into the habit of healthy eating after Christmas. I mentioned in my first post that I wanted something structured just to get me back on track, and it really worked well for me. So if that is all the benefit I get out of it, I am very happy. This program in particular involved eating 5 normal meals and a variety of foods, so I know I wasn't doing my body any harm.

I am at 65 and feeling really positive about moving forward.
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Re: 'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

Postby KJB » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:14 pm

Good on you Skinny Mini... glad to see it had the desired effect.

I like the sound of a detox but I think eating healthy is the most effective detox there is.
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Re: 'Skinny Mini' 5 Day Detox Review

Postby BossMan » Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:09 am

For sure if it gives you the start you need then it is the right thing to do. And i wish you the best of luck. Like i said wasn't trying to be a troll. :)
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