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Micheal Poll

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Micheal Poll

Postby BossMan » Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:42 am

Hey everyone! In many of my posts i've referenced Micheal Pollans food rules. When it occured to me that not everyone is going to have read his books. So i thought i would post them here for everyone to see. I would also love to hear everyone's thought's on the rules

A short back story. Micheal Pollan is a professor of investigative journalism at Berkly University. He has dedicated over the past Decade to understanding where our food comes from and how it is produced. Because of his research and findings he has come up with a number of " Food rules". For the purpose of this discussion the word "food" is defined as whole, unadulturated foods. I.E a power bar is not " food" because it is a processed product, any questions feel free to ask. Hope you enjoy


1.Eat food. Mostly plants. Not much meat

2.Don't eat anthing your great grandmother wouldn't recognise as food.

3. Avoid eating food products ( theres that word ) that contain ingredients that are:
A. Unfamiliar
b. Unpronouncable
c. More then 5 ingredients
D. Contain the ingredient, High Fructose Corn Syrup

4. Avoid food products that make health claims I.E. " Heart healthy, Helps lower colesterol, etc.... This applys to processed food products only

5. Shop the edges of the supermarkets and stay out of the middle. The edge generally contains the meat, produce, and dairy sections of the store.

6.Get out of supermarkets where ever possible. I.E. Farmers markets, local growers, local butchers

7. Eat mostly plants, especially leaves.

8. Remember- You are what, what you eat eats. I.E. Not only are you the cow you are eating, you are what ever the cow ate as well. Organic grass fed animals over grain ( corn fed ) animals

9.Eat like an omnivore. Variety is the spice of life. Dairy, plants, fruit, vegetable, grains, meat, herbs, seeds

10. Eat well grown food from healthy soil. Learn about the area your food is produced in. Do they use pesticides/ herbicides. Grain fed vs. grass fed. Organic over free range ( there is a difference )

11. Eat wild foods when you can. Foraged or hunted food is almost always going to have better nutritional quality

12. Be the " kind" of person who takes supliments. If you are eating a healthy balanced diet you wont need the suppliemts. However people who take these supliments are generally more active people. They care about their health.

13. Eat a more traditional diet. ( look up the french, greek, italian, indian paradox. They eat " unhealthy " foods yet tend to live longer, healthier lives )

14. Regard non-traditional foods with skeptisism. The foods we eat have changed more in the past 100 years then they have in the past 10,000 before that.

15. Don't look for the "Magic Bullet ". There isn't a single ingredient or chemical in food that is going to solve all your health problems.

16. Pay more eat less. - Quality of quantity

17. Eat meals. Prepare together, eat together

18.Do all your eating at a table. No, your computer desk is not a table. Humans developed social advantages while hunting/gathering preparing and eating meals together. Why change that which works?


20. Consult your gut. If you are hungry eat, when you are satisfied stop. If it makes you feel ill, don't eat it again, etc...

21. Eat slowly. Your body takes time to register if it's full. Slowing down your eating reduces your chance of over eating

22. Cook your own meals, that way you know what you are eating.

23. When possible plant a garden.

24. EAT JUNK FOOD!!!!!! As often as YOU are willing to make it from scratch and YOU are willing to clean up the mess.

Well there you have it folks, Micheal pollans "Food rules ", a healthy and sustainable way of eating. I'm curious to hear your thoughts and the pending discussion's!
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Re: Micheal Poll

Postby SugarandSpice » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:09 am

Thanks Bossman,

That is a really great list you have provided and I am going to have to go over it a few times to make sure it all sinks in, lol.

There is so much information out there, some compliments each other, some overlaps and some totally contradicts each other, so it is really hard to know what to believe and follow, but these guidelines sound simple enough if I am understanding them correctly.

It is also a huge challenge to change the way you eat completely, especially with children in the house who would not appreciate the removal of their regular foods (yes - most are processed), so will be a very slow change.

I really like the statement - stick to the outer edges of the supermarket = that is so true!!!
Avoid foods with claims on them - such as lowers cholesterol etc... (never believe the marketing hype of major companies)

If I understand correctly the general tip here is -

Eat a variety of foods - just natural foods (limiting the amount of meat) ??
Avoid anything that has been manufactured ??

What about bread? or cheese? are these ok?

Thanks again for the info and may be asking more questions later as well....

Take Care
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Re: Micheal Poll

Postby BossMan » Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:19 am

Cheese is a traditional food, so i believe it is ok. Bread however, it really depends. Modern bread is full of added sodium sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If you'r going to eat bread make it yourself, from scratch. The book this is all from is called " In Defense of Food "
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