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Postby Rhonda » Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:47 pm

Did anyone see the report on 60 minutes about sugar?

A doctor was saying he believes sugar is the main culprit in obesity not fat. I hope it’s ok to post the link to the story I would like to know what your opinion is on it. ... eet-poison

For myself I think too much of either fat or sugar is not good and finding a happy medium is best for me.
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Re: Sugar

Postby Metalcharm » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:38 pm

I've seen a few reports lately along the line of SHOCK! Sugar is the culprit!
I thought this was always the case?
Well, not that sugar solely is the problem but surely we've always been told to limit it along with fat.

All in all I agree with you last line!
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Re: Sugar

Postby gettnthere » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:19 am

yep I saw the show and thought it was very poorly done... first if they wanted to show what sugar does to the brain you need an untainted test...they fed the women in that machine coke...seriously? coke?
Coke has preservatives and colourings and acids and all kinds of stuff that affects the brain...they needed to use white sugar dissolved in water.
secondly they used the wrong family to try and prove their point...the lady was eating 8 blocks of chocolate and 4 litres of icecream...come on of course she would lose weight cutting that out and not only because of the sugar content but fats as well.
Thirdly did she not know tomato sauce is full of sugar, the bread has sugar the yoghurt squeezy things in the kids lunches have sugar.

I have no doubt sugar is not good for you its empty calories with no nutritional benefits. I have swapped white sugar for honey or coconut sugar which are a lot better for us but then if you started eating tons of those you will also put on weight but at least you would get some benefits from the things in them.
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Re: Sugar

Postby Rhonda » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:38 am

Thanks girls I was shocked that this was a story because I thought everyone new sugar was as bad as fats if you have to much of either you are going to get fat from it. gettnthere I was as shocked as you watching that tomato sauce and lunchbox item’s, what it does prove is how uneducated our society is when it comes to food choices including the doctor going on about sugar when he would rather eat the burger ...the bun has sugar the sauce has sugar and god knows how much is in the meat ....
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Re: Sugar

Postby lil_weiron » Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:40 pm

I think it was a good doco, I reckon it would defiantly get people to rethink eating sugar and not just the usual foods that have it.. I've always been aware that if sugar is not great if you eat excessive amounts of it.. and in todays times you cant buy and eat 6 small meals a day without being in excess of sugar unless you prepare each meal from scratch or find foods that have no sugar in them..

i think the soft drink companies are aware that the sugar content in their drinks is crazy & thats why they brought out sugar free versions of their softdrinks.. they should make and sell sugar free bread in the supermarket.. i haven't seen any yet ..

I believe a sugar free diet would make you feel better, less sluggish and more alive.. the problem is i doubt anyone could get the help and support to take on a sugar free diet without it costing $$$$
After all, people obviously need to be educated on food and where the sugar is hiding among other things - it makes for a confusing and frustrating life when their are so many different people saying conflicting things .. who to believe?!

Thanks for posting this story Rhonda its been a good read :-)
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