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The fat loss is slower, the muscle mass is higher, help!!

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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The fat loss is slower, the muscle mass is higher, help!!

Postby Aims78 » Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:58 pm


Im 34 yrs old. Since last July Im 36.5kgs down. My goal is 50kg. So in reality, I have 13.5 kgs to go.

I weigh in weekly with my trainer, and these days its a constant battle. It plateaus, I gain a kg, I lose 2 kg, I plateau. Its a MASSIVE mindgame!!

I can see the muscle, he says its painfully obvious its muscle. My clothing keeps changing because clearly Im shrinking, but, my mind tells me its all about the weight loss. And right now, Im battling with this one.

Im thinking about cutting carbs completely this week to kick it along. The only carbs I really eat are a wholemeal roll at lunch, and oats at breakfast.

I need some help, some inspiration, some journey story to prove to me this is OK.

Im working out an insane amount now, Im walking 10kms in the morning (1hr 45 mins) then I do 2 hrs minimum cardio a night. I wont stop, or get deterred, but it gets tough to keep the mind on track, and not think im a big fat loser every time the scales dont show the result theyve continually shown me for the past 15 months. Its tough :(
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Re: The fat loss is slower, the muscle mass is higher, help!

Postby Metalcharm » Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:52 pm

I think you need to get rid of the scales.
You're obviously doing everything right and it's your body you need to listen to and not the scales.

If you're exercising that much you need the carbs - it's not as though you are having huge amounts of them and you are having them from good quality scources.

How many calories are you eating a day? As grat as exercise is weight loss is far more about the food side of it.
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Re: The fat loss is slower, the muscle mass is higher, help!

Postby Blitz » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:45 pm

Yes it gets harder the closer you get to the pointy end of your goal.

When you first start and the numbers roll off you think that in no time you'll get there. My first weekly loss was 2.5kg. I calculated that if I continued to lose 2.5kg each week that by the 1st week of September I would achieve goal. I was out by nearly five months. What I didn't know then was that nobody can achieve high results continually. When I started the minimal exercise that I did got results but what I didn't factor in was that I was carrying 87kg of fat while I was it wasn't as minimal as I thought. Indeed I don't think you would be able to achieve a fraction of your daily work out that you do now with the weight that you've lost up till now strapped onto you back even with your new found muscles!

My monthly weight loss numbers read; Jan. 9.3kg; Feb. 8.8kg; Mar. 11.2kg; Apr. 8.6kg; May 7.6kg; Jun. 6.9kg; Jul. 5.5kg; Aug. 7.9kg; Sep. 4.1kg; Oct. 5.1kg; Nov. 4kg; Dec. 3.4kg; Jan. 0.3kg; Feb. 4.3kg (goal). As you can see from these numbers it all slows down.

Last October I hit what I called "the wall" which is where I think you are at. It's the place where you feel like the hampster in the wheel. You're running madly - but seemly going nowhere. This is the time where you have to dig in and grind it through to the other side. I have found that when teaching a person a new skill that requires practice that most people get discouraged just at the edge of success. If they had continued for just that little bit more they would have "got it". It's that dark just before the dawn.

I few tips that may be of use...
Try mixing up your exercise. To save petrol in your car the theory is to drive smoothly. The body likes to drive smoothly so it can use it's energy effectively. But we are in the weight loss business. We have to drive our body like a rev head. That means putting the pedal to the mental and then riding the brake. Have a easy day...then follow it with a hard day. Chop and change your routine. Do something you haven't done for a while. Try something new. I did some weeding the other day and discovered a new group of muscles that I've never worked before! Routine is comfortable...we don't do comfortable any more.
Watch your general intake of food. Because you are exercising so much our body craves energy input. Watch the snacks that you are probably taking to keep your metabolism ticking over. That's where I was going wrong. My meals remained the right size but I found that I was super sizing my snack intake in the cause of keeping my metabolism going. In the end I was just fuelling my exercise...chasing my tail so to speak.

You are in a hard place at the moment but you have the right mind set to push through it. Yes it is dark but the dawn is coming! Wish you all success on your journey.
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Re: The fat loss is slower, the muscle mass is higher, help!

Postby BigAndy » Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:36 pm

Just a thought Aims,

I may be entirely barking up the wrong tree here, but is it possible that if you are lifting weights in your training, muscle growth, especially upper body could be offsetting the amount of fat you're actually losing?
Exercises like curls and bench presses, and others that isolate one particular muscle can bulk up muscle, especially with high reps, but may not actually give great strength gains, or contribute to overall health.

Anyway- just a thought
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