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Anyone else given up margarine?

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Anyone else given up margarine?

Postby BigAndy » Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:08 pm

After noticing what a stack of calories are in margarine I thought "I can do without that" a few weeks ago. Don't put it on my toast anymore/

Will have it in desserts of course though occasionally, like the awesome desserts on this site. But I've totally quit soft drinks, and drastically reduced simple sugar intake. Quit caffeine. And I've nearly lost 10 kilos over the past month or two. Feel so healthy. Still plenty of work to go though!

Anyone have any other small give up's that help make a difference?

I've also added always making sure i have brekky in the morning; some of the following- toast, fruit, mueslei, and green or camomole tea
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Re: Anyone else given up margarine?

Postby Tea85 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:51 am

I don't eat marge on sandwiches but I still eat on toast if I have toast.

Congrats on giving up soft drinks tho!! And the weight loss. Great results!!
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Re: Anyone else given up margarine?

Postby Metalcharm » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:16 am

Soft drinks are a biggie - congrats on giving them up.
I live in a remote area a long way from town and would buy a carton of them from the supermarket once a month when we shop (even though it was usually the diet or zero drinks they're still just as bad for you) and would have one a day. they're so cheap it's almost stupid NOT to buy them LOL. But gave them up and really don't miss it at all. I'm lucky I don't have temptation of living in town or near shops but if it's not here in the house then I can't have it.

I gave up butter and marge too - I don't eat half the bread I used to but if I'm having a wrap or similar I'll put hommus on. Or I love having a poached egg on toast and then I'll put some avocado on. yum :)
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Re: Anyone else given up margarine?

Postby feebeejay » Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:20 pm

Hey there,
Yes, I've given up butter and margarine too ... And limiting toast to maybe only twice a week, have replaced butter with cheese spread ... Surprisingly the diffence between the light cheese spread and regular cheese spread is only about 5 calories per tablespoon, and the regular one is easier to spread, hence don't use as much ... also, it doesn't melt into disappearance like butter does when you put it on toast. I also have some shaved ham on my toast, which doesn't really add too many calories, and is a little bit of protein to add to the meal ... Yum, there really nothing that matches toast is there?? Such a temptation ... I'd gotten myself into the habit of eating 2 slices with mounds of butter, cheese spread and ham, and then follow up with 2 slices of toast with mounds of butter with raspberry jam ... Breakfast dessert if you like ... Huge mistake that was ... Stacked on heaps of weight over a really short period of time!! Totally out of control, but realised pretty soon that I needed to do something pretty quick or else I was going to find myself in a whole bunch of trouble. So, I've compromised and given up soft drink, fruit juice and cordial ... Although as I don't drink tea or coffee, I'm allowing myself a cup of cordial on the weekend, but water the rest of the week. I also have a berrocca every day which not only boosts my energy/vitamin intake, it also feels a bit like drinking cordial (although I know not everyone likes the taste of berrocca). I'm really trying hard to give up chocolate ... There are so many calories in it, it's just crazy ... And to think it was nothing for me once to scoff down a whole family sized block in one sitting!! So far, doing ok on that one, but sticking to the 100 calorie or below rule! And being really honest with my food diary!! Love the whole keeping it fresh concept, and reducing processed foods as much as possible ... I think I'm gonna have to work hard on that one as convenience and/or processed food is what we are so used to ... Just one step at a time ... :)
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Re: Anyone else given up margarine?

Postby CronicBadger » Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:00 pm

I gave up margarine and butter. The natural flow-on effect was that my bread consumption reduced to the point that I was finally able to consciously cut that from my regular diet as well.

I still occasionally (once every few weeks) have a few slices of bread or a wrap when eating out, but that's a treat and no longer the norm.

Another thing I've reduced is the energy input from my beverage whitener. I like tea and coffee but dislike it black. I rarely drink animal, rice or soy milk (due to health and ethical reasons) so tend toward oat milk. However, oat milk is around 600 Kj per cup, so I decided to make my own by blending together oats, honey, salt and water. Besides costing one fifth of the store-bought product, its energy content is a low 250 Kj per cup - but still tastes full-bodied.

I gave up processed and fatty red meat, and now the only red meat I eat is kangaroo and rabbit.

Diet soft drinks were another thing I gave up. I was a regular diet cola drinker but decided that a mix of iffy chemicals and flavourings was probably not something to take for a lifetime, so decided to quit. Now the only fizzy drink I have is soda water with a fresh squeeze of fruit juice.
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Re: Anyone else given up margarine?

Postby misk » Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:27 pm

I've *kind of* given up margarine - in that I don't use it anymore....but i've replaced it with cheese :P Not sure if that's better or worse, but I couldn't enjoy my eggs of toast with nothing, it was just too dry. Just bought Laughing Cow cheese which is 48cals per lil triangle of cheese, so i can smear it over the toast stopping it from being dry for a low amount of calories, and surely it's another addition of dairy.
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