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Everybodys different..

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Everybodys different..

Postby tinkerbella » Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:35 pm

Everybodys choices of how they wish too lose there weight is different,we have too let people lose their weight in a way which they can keep the weight off..
I lost my weight and kept it off for over two years,only too get very sick with a couple of issues too lose focus and put it all back on again,this wasn't in my plans too have put the weight back on but I did..
That is my not being on the ball and that is why I put the weight back on,
its not anybody elses fault it is my own..But it is up too me too lose the weight again,and I have again done it the same way as I have done it many times before,that is with the point system.
I hear you say it didn't work before why will it work this time,
well it mightn't work this time I might put the weight back on but its my way of doing things...

We all have too bring each other up not bring each other down,
we have too cheer each other for trying,we have too be there and help each other but at the end of the day it is up to ourself too do it our way and not feel as if we have too change too do it somebody elses well too fit in...

There are many ways too reach goal ...

Goodluck too each and everyone..
Please let everybody find there own road.
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Re: Everybodys different..

Postby Blitz » Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:22 am

Agreed Natasha that each of us are different and that each of us have to find our own pathway to success. But sometimes people do take a wrong path and it is hard to watch someone setting themselves up for a failure without wanting to step in and intervene.

My wife was talking to me yesterday (she sometimes does that) and was sharing about her anorexic days of her youth. It was only when she hit the scales at 41kg at the doctor's office and the doctor told her that she had to go to hospital straight away that she realised she had a weight problem. Even then she still manage to lose another 6kg at the special unit for anorexics before she got onto the road of recovery.
The girl who shared a room with her weighted even less than her even though she was taller. A real smart girl who was studying to become a doctor. My wife said she will never forget her desperate pleas NOT to be fed each day and that although she was skeletal she still each day went walking around the hospital grounds carrying shopping bags of bottles filled with water to exercise the weight off.
Sometimes we think we know better...but we are wrong.

In the end, you are right...we are responsible for ourselves and our actions (I love the fact that in your post you didn't fob off your responsibility for regaining the weight...good work!). The hard part is wising up on how to make those right choices for ourselves. Those who wish to lose weight successfully would be smart to hear other people's council particularly in areas where success proved to be elusive. I know in my own journey that when good advice was offered to me that I often resisted it - to my detriment. Looking back on it - I wish that I had played it smarter and listened to wise words at the time it was offered in good faith.

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