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Death and Weight Loss

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Death and Weight Loss

Postby Blitz » Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:25 am

I return to this Forum after a little absence with the idea for this topic and run smack dab into Dolly's return post.
Timing or what?...

Dealing with death is never easy.
A friend of mine said at a (suicide) funeral once "Death is an affront to God".
And yet there it how do we approach all this?
Because death is very much a part of life (indeed even it's end!).

I think that we deal with it just as we deal with all aspects of our life's circumstances.
We can chose to learn and build from it - growing in the experience or allow the events to hobble our progress through life.

My mother died on the 25th of September after a long and tough battle with chronic pains, dementia and (towards the very end) broken hip.
I was talking to one of my sisters (the one who has had a life long battle with being overweight) and she told me that she had lost control of her eating because of how our Mum was and her death.
I named it for what it was...emotional eating. She agreed that I was right.
But why was she really doing it? Is there really a viable reason or connection?
May I suggest that it is because it is just there. It is a habit and done without thinking the results of the actions out.
It is something that is just done because it is something that is just done.
An unthinking habit.

During this same period I too have undergone the same stresses and yet have chosen a different path.
I'm not writing this to make me sound better but to show how a different mind set can yield a different result.
While all this was happening I also been coping with some sort of stomach bug that I've found very hard to shake.
It has really has been playing merry with my metabolism.

During this time even though I've managed as best as I could with exercise and food intake with the demands of dealing with my Mum.
I've found it very difficult to stay on track with my maintenance weight. Even extra exercise yielded lesser results than normal.
One day even found me a full kilo :shock: over my accepted boundary (needless to say I soon pulled that one back!).

But the thing is I didn't chuck in the towel.
I didn't revert back to old lifestyle (bad habits practices) and did stay true to the new lifestyle.
In the end it is about choices.
We can chose to be beaten down or we can chose to allow the events of life forge us into a stronger person.

It is time to be that stronger person...for that better future's sake. 8)

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