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Low Carb and Sugar - what am I doing wrong

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Low Carb and Sugar - what am I doing wrong

Postby Beetle37 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 12:50 am


I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me.

I have started a diet that invovles eating only low sugar foods so essentially meat, most vegetables, chick peas, lentils and egg. A meal usually consists of a small serve of protein and then non starchy vegetables. I went through major sugar withdrawals but that seems to be over - however the scales haven't moved much in the last week. This has been a massive change - I used to not eat all day then compensate with sweets.

The only treat I have allowed is two non-alcoholic beers a night - surely that is not enough to tip the balance?

Any suggestions welcome...

Thanks :? :?:
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Re: Low Carb and Sugar - what am I doing wrong

Postby Blitz » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:48 am

Welcome to the Forum! :D

I've always said that weight loss is more an art form than a science.
While technique (know how) is essential - it is application through experience (the skill of living) that makes it all work.
So don't let this glitch throw you.
In the learning is the growing! 8)
When I started on the weight loss journey I knew nothing and yet it all came together in the end.
The same will happen for you so long as you continue to grow (head-wise not weight-wise :wink: ).

The bottom line is that it could be a number of things.
Without knowing your circumstances I couldn't pin it any closer for you.
Check out the list and review your practices in light of it and maybe you will be able to nail it.

1.) Most people don't check portion size. In many ways it isn't so much about what you eat but rather how much.
2.) You aren't exercising enough. After a great first week of weight loss, the reality on the scales told me that moderate eating wasn't enough. I had to exercise to remove the reserves of fat in my body. So reluctantly I started. Sure it was only a ten minute walk each day but it was a start. Towards the end of my journey I was doing hours of exercise. This is something that you build up to.
3.) Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep at night. This is the time the body uses to do its "work".
4.) My natural instinct is that occasional treats are something for after you have lost the weight (maintenance). By that time you have established good habits and have enough experience to deal realistically with "treats". Also this is just extra baggage that you carry that slows you down from achieve your weight loss goal. Every calorie you can "shave off" that you don't need or miss is a calorie closer to goal.
5.) Not all non-alcoholic beers are equal. Some of them have a higher calorie count than you would thing. Two beers of certain brands can be as much as nearly 400 calories. Which can make a huge difference in the scheme of things.
6.) How you cook food is important too. Potatoes for example get a bad rap but they are really useful in giving you "gut satisfaction". There is a world of difference between a boiled potato and a fried chip. With gut satisfaction a person can eat healthy, lose weight and not feel like a famine victim. There are some great recipe suggestion on this website that you might want to check out.
7.) You could be making muscle. In which case the new muscle is masking the real weight loss. Muscle is great for long term success but can be very frustrating in the short term. A guide to know if this is the case is muscle soreness. If you've had some then you know muscle making is part of the equation.
8.) You could be coming down with an illness. The body often will store up your liquids to use to fight it off. This can result in no results on the scale. This should literally pass with time.

Hopefully something on the list will set a light bulb alight.
Please feel free to ask or clarify anything of concern to you.
Enjoy the journey to success and learn. :D

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Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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