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The Curse Of Refined Carbohydrates

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The Curse Of Refined Carbohydrates

Postby CronicBadger » Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:36 pm

Everyone is different, metabolism varies widely, but it looks like I drew the short straw where carbohydrates are concerned. For most of my life I loved bread and biscuits and couldn't get enough of them. Even worse, even though I was satiated it soon wore off and I was hungry as ever.

During my weight-loss journey several years ago I learned to replace much of the bread and biscuits with fibre and protein. Out went the cheese and vegemite sandwich, in came the piece of fruit or leafy vegetable stir-fry. It worked well, for a while.

But eventually I slacked off and, once again, bread and biscuits became a prominent part of my daily diet - accompanied by the expected results of weight gain and poorer health.

And, once again, I couldn't stop with one sandwich or a handful of biscuits. They would be eaten so fast that my body had no time to signal I was full, and even then, the eventual plummeting of my blood sugar levels soon had me desperate for another "high".

I stopped that vicious cycle once again and am now back to a healthy balanced diet and reaping the rewards.

One thing I leaned through this is to listen, REALLY LISTEN, to my body, and understand what the feelings meant, and discern what was psychological and what was physical. Cravings, such as "comfort eating", may have a physiological basis (brain's chemical responses, reward center, blood sugar, etc) but can certainly be combated at the psychological level. In other words, I learned how important it was to understand the difference between what I "need", what I "want" and what I "think I want".

One result of this is that when I took time to savour the taste and think about it I found I don't actually enjoy the taste or texture of the types of breads and biscuits as I was eating them. It was the reward of the subsequent sugar rush I enjoyed.

At this point in time I consider myself "cured" of my addiction to bread and biscuits. I haven't totally banned them however, but instead have a much healthier and realistic relationship with them.
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