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Whats Easier or quicker starting at 100 kg or 70 kg

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Whats Easier or quicker starting at 100 kg or 70 kg

Postby Guest » Wed Dec 27, 2006 9:45 pm

This might sound like a silly question but Dieting is my life story and so is putting on weight then losing it again but this time my greatest fear is that I actually reached over 100 kg but I have now lost 5 kgs so im just under but my main concern is will it take longer to lose weight obviously I understand the time difference going from 105 to say 70 compared to from 75 to 60 but Im asking will it be harder and longer as i feel there is more fat stuck there that hasnt moved for a while HOPE people will understand if not I can try to make myself clearer

PS I am exercising and eating healthy

Postby KimE » Thu Dec 28, 2006 6:04 am

Well I think the rate of loss is quite an individual thing so losing weight from 105 for you might be the same as someone else losing from 70. However, I would think YOUR rate of loss wouldn't be any different wherever you started although it does seem to slow down and/or get more difficult the closer you get to your ideal weight for your height (that is just an observation not fact). I have no idea if I answered your question but I think I see what you are getting at. Frankly I think losing weight is difficult no matter where you start. It may be that this time you are starting from a higher point and feel it is more difficult due to having to lose more kilos. Maybe breaking into smaller goals would make it feel less overwhelming.

Well done on your loss so far and keep up the great work. :D
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