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Xenical Weightloss Medication

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Xenical Weightloss Medication

Postby millie » Sat Sep 24, 2005 12:29 am

Hi I am new how are you all?

Just wanted to know have any of you tried the medication called Xenical. It is the one they advertise on the TV to say to BOOST your diet. You know the one where they all say they are not going to give into their temptations any more.

I was too embarassed to actually ask my pharmacist as she is really skinny, ( you know what I mean). So I went looking on the online pharmacies around the place and found it in minutes.

Has anyone used it? Has it worked for you? It is really expensive and it is a bit of a commitment to buy it so I wondered if anyone had any feedback they could give me?

I have been way overweight all my life and I have never used medication in my many attempts to loose KGs so just wondering if this is a good idea or bad.

Thank you

Postby Fairie » Sat Sep 24, 2005 11:02 am

Hi Millie,

I haven't tried Xenical but I tried Reductil which I think is much the same and was also very expencive. All I can say is don't waste your money it didn't help me at all and only made the Drug companies richer.

I have been on SureSlim since April and have lost almost 20 kilo's and at $25 a week is still cheaper than it cost me for Reductil.

I to looked for quick fixes but there is none, it is not easy and I have my good and bad days but I am much happier doing it without any so called weightloss pills. When I was using Reductil it was costing me $130 a month, I think I would have been much better off paying that money to go to a Gym or something like SureSlim or even WW.

Hope this has helped and good luck with whatever you decide and let us know you go. :D

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Postby emma21 » Sat Sep 24, 2005 11:45 am

I havent tried any weightloss pills as yet. I am hoping that eating healthy and exercise will be all I need to lose weight. From what I have heard pills dont do a great deal and its more mind over matter. I think I would try diet shakes or some kind of other appetite suppressent before I started with the pills..

Emma :)
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Postby miss_muffin » Thu Sep 29, 2005 2:05 pm

Hi millie,

i was seriously thinking about xenical until i spoke to my ultra cool chemist lady. she explained to me EXACTLY how it works and basically if you consume too much fat (more than a table spoon) in any food the xenical causes your body to react and you get stomach cramps and then a long session on the toilet until its all out of your system.

very unattractive idea for me personally. i think fairie is right, the only thing that will loose weight is your wallet!!!



Postby millie » Wed Oct 05, 2005 12:33 am

Thanks for your thoughts. I am not actually planning on using it. Way too expensive for my budget, you see it plastered over the tv all the time and it is so hush hush as it a pharmacy only product and I just wondered if anyone out there has actually used it and if they did or did not have any sucess with it. To be honest I am a little sick of the ads on tv. It gets you a bit cross that you can only get half the story about the product and the only feedback you can get is from thier own sucess stories on their website and so on. I am doing it the hard way like all the rest of you dont get me wrong I am just interested to see if anyone has acutually used it and how they went. I am a drug free sort of person I have trouble just a the thought of taking a panadol for a headache so you wont see me taking them I just wondered as the advertising is so hush hush.

Postby Guest » Tue Nov 08, 2005 11:12 am

I used it a few years ago now back when you could only get it on perscription and it makes you poo oil even if you don't eat too much fat not nice at all.

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 14, 2005 9:03 pm

know someone who tried xenical, she spent all day on the toilet!

Postby kymbahlee » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:14 am

I've tried it, it's about $145 for a months supply and it seriously didn't work for me - I lost about a kilo that month, basically because I did not change my eating habits because I thought the xenical could do all the work for me! I quickly realised that if I made no changes to my eating and exercise as soon as I stopped taking it the weight would pile back on.
The side effects aren't that bad, I had no cramps or all day toilet sessions but then I don't consume that much fats. However, if you eat a pizza you sure will know about it!
One bonus of this program is that a rep rings up once a month to see how things are going.
And lastly, don't be embarassed about asking for things at the chemist, it is their job and I promise you they have forgotten what you bought before you even walk out the door! :D

Postby Trinity » Wed Dec 21, 2005 4:33 pm

I havent tried that one but I did give Reductil a go & honestly it did nothing for me either, except cost a fortune. It also had awful side effects, this is going back about 3 yrs when I tried it, I ended up with bad headaches.
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Postby dragonfly » Wed Dec 21, 2005 4:47 pm

I tried Xenical a few years back and lost 10 kilos.(until i fell pg) I also had to change my diet. i had no side effects.
I tried it again and lasted 2 weeks then gave up. i recently found my packet and gave it a go for 1 week again.
it abosrbs the fat and then you poo it out. some people sit on the loo all day, other peopel liek me it seems to just make my poo softer.

as they say its a BOOST for your diet. so you do all the hard work but cutting down fats and exercising, and the xenical helps in a little way. its not a magic diet pill.

you still need to watch what you eat and stick to 40grams of fat a day. so basically if you're doing all the hard work, then you dont need xenical. spend your money on a gym membership.
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