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grrrr my mum's trying to make me fatter!!!!

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grrrr my mum's trying to make me fatter!!!!

Postby miss_muffin » Thu Sep 29, 2005 2:15 pm

im getting really frustrated with my mum because she keeps trying to feed me crap!!!!

i've made it VERY clear that im loosing weight and have done well so far with my 11kg loss, but she keeps buying me 'treats' and serving me food. i've asked her not to but then she gets really sensitive and upset. like last night i was happy sitting reading a book with a bottle of water and then mum comes up to me with a cup of hot choc made with full cream milk and 2 sugars and 6 choc bisuits (i kid u not!!!!)...i thanked her for her thoughtfullness but said that i was happy with my water she responded by crying!

then yesterday she got narky with me cause we went to a buffet for lunch and i had a chicken breast and salad and was full after that. mum then went and got me a bottle of coke, a bowl of choc mousse, ice cream and cake and a plate of chips, fried chicken and some other stuff that was drowning in its own oil. i told her i had had enough.

i dont know what to do with her!


Postby Dolly » Thu Sep 29, 2005 2:49 pm

Hi Deb, about 3 years ago my slim daughter was trying to maintain her weight but I kept on serving large sized meals (which is what my mother always did for me)
She would then get a bread and butter plate and pick off what she wanted to eat ie one third of the meat and a few spoons of the vege and none of the mashed spuds or whatever.
I was a bit slow in learning, I'd apologise for giving her too much but would do the same again for yet another 3 days.
Her curt words hurt me and brought tears to my eyes (because I felt I was only feeding her because she wasn't getting enough) but her words were essential. I then learned to serve her what I call a childs portion.

Let your mother rant and cry, it's something she has to get over like I did.
If she continues, I'd let her know you'll be preparing ALL of your own meals.

Good luck!
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Postby Fairie » Thu Sep 29, 2005 3:04 pm

Hi Deb,

Maybe you could get a pet for your mum then she would be so occupied with it that she will forget all about giving you all these extra's. :D

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Postby cynara » Thu Sep 29, 2005 8:52 pm

Have you tried talking to her about her reasons why she feeds you so much ie before the event?? Maybe she wants someone to eat with so she doesn't feel guilty. Is she overweight or one of the lucky ones with a great metabolism.

If she is overweight maybe you could suggest eating healthy together and replace the time shared with food with someother activity ie scrapbooking (which I am totally loving at the moment - get to be busy with my hands in the evening and time flies by without putting food in my mouth).

If she is thin then maybe you can explain your reasons ie health, self confidence - make her understand what being overweight means to you and why you need it to come off - and that offering all the bad foods is only pressuring you into being something you don't want to be - let alone the added will power needed.

Maybe action before hand is needed instead of the reaction afterwards???

Postby millie » Wed Oct 05, 2005 1:30 am

You stay strong Miss Muffin. She will get the hint soon enough, my mum does the opposite and offers everyone food and misses me on the way around. She means well just as your mum means well.

Do you remember all the times you were told you have to eat everything on your plate or else ???? I do the exact same thing to my little boy. I always think that he has not had enough to eat, its a mum thing I think. I have had a rethink of late and changed the way I feed my son and he and I are much happier for it. He always used to say mum there is too much on the plate it is not fare that I have to eat it all.

It might hurt your mum but the likelyhood is that she simply thinks she is doing what is best for you. Mums always think they know what is best. If it were me I would quietly talk about how it makes you feel and see if you can both calmly come to a solution to suit both sides.

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