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In the old days....

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Re: In the old days....

Postby Tarz » Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:55 pm

This thread is gold - I was even thinking about this sort of thing the other day.

I remember when i lived at home (when i was about 15) and my parents had gone out i would get the chocolate drinking powder and mix it with a bit of milk and sprinkle into a chocolate paste and just eat it - no wonder i have chunky thighs
When i was managing a deli at IGA a about 3 yrs back i use to sneak cocktail frankfurts all day, i would grab like 2 at a time and run into the cool room with the meat and eat them, DId the same with the chocolate mousse eggs - after easter they would store them in the deli cool room and i think i went through half of what was left :oops:

Wow this is cleansing and embarrassing to think about :lol:

I remember taking a pack of Timtams from the cuboard at home and hiding the wrapping in my brothers room so he would get the blame - i only did it a few times and they never believed him cos he was notorios for stealing the tim tams - we found out a few years later his dumping spot was behind the hot water tank out the backyard - when the system broke we found heaps and heaps of them!

I can't think of many more at the moment but if i do think of more i will be straight back here

Don't judge me to harshly :D
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Re: In the old days....

Postby Strawberry » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:21 pm

I have many shameful screts. Now that i live alone i'm still hiding the evidence - from me. :shock: I can relate to & want to cry. Someone mentioned abusing our bodies. It is just that, never thought about it like that.
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Re: In the old days....

Postby Cac33 » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:31 pm

I'm having one of those days, actually its a week. I work from my Mums house at the moment because I can't get internet & I have banned all tempting foods from my pantry & fridge but at her house I can't, it's her house not mine. My parents eat so much chocolate & sweet foods & there is always so much of it available for me to eat. So hard to resist when no one is home during the day while I work & they are just staring at me. I usually hid the bad foods at the back of the fridge so I don't see them all the time but once you know its there its hard to forget. I have done really well the last few months but this week has been horrid. I ate a whole bag of fruit & nut chocolates & a few biscuits. I feel awful for eating food that's not even mine & had to hid the wrapper. Just before I saw this thread I had stuffed it in my drawer then transferred it to the bin & I'm going to put it in the outside bin to be sure.

I was a serial wrapper hidder & obviously must still be. Although that was a much smaller scale binge than I use to have but still feel awful. I have been very stressed this last week & it's TTOM but there has to be another way I can deal with it rather than turning to binging. I think I need to take a good hard look at myself.

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Re: In the old days....

Postby sassi » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:48 pm

i can't believe i never came across this thread before! and i really can't believe that there are lots of other people out there who do this sort of thing.

when i was going to uni two nights a week after work i wouldn't get home until around 9.30 at night - instead of taking something to eat with me or having a sandwich in our 20 minute break, i'd be "good" and just have a coffee and would then go through the drive through on my way home. i also used to play & coach hockey - on the way home from coaching or games i used to...yep, you guessed it...go through the drive through again. i reckon i must have been eating kfc or hungry jacks at least 4 times a week. i used to eat it in the car & then hide the wrappers so my flatmates didn't know.

i've pretty much given up that behaviour now - unfortunately i don't know if that's entirely because i've moved on or more through circumstance. i don't have uni in the evenings any more and i'm not coaching or playing hockey either so the temptation isn't really there any more.

i also used to work by myself in an office and we had little tins of mini m&m's to give away to potential customers & i ate my way through a lot of them as well.

actually, i think this thread has just helped me to have a light bulb moment - i should work on the basis that if i'm too embarrassed to eat something in front of other people, then i shouldn't be eating it at all :)
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Re: In the old days....

Postby Athena » Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:09 pm

I would steel biskits. I would take one and tell myself that it was just one biskit, except I was back 5 minutes later and takeing another one. When there were hardly any left I would move them into a smaller tin to make it look like there were still heaps left. When I stole anything from the kitchen I would run out side and hide at the bottom of the garden to eat it
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