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When does it start coming off?

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Postby aramat1980 » Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:55 am

Thanks Amy :)
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Postby Groovychic » Wed Mar 14, 2007 10:59 am

Hi Tamara,
Looks like you have been given a lot of advice. The thing to remember is you only started 3 weeks or so ago and it does take time before you start any loss. If you had lost a few kilos in this time then there would be a large possibility that it was fluid loss. So that in a way is a good thing that you havent lost fluid. If you didnt exercise all that much prior to beginning your life change then you will be starting to build a bit of muscle as well. My biggest suggestion is first thing tomorrow morning when you get out of bed go and weigh yourself(pee first tho!!! :lol: ) then measure yourself, bust, tummy and hips. You can go and measure your thighs and arms if you want but I dont bother with that because I can never remember where exactly I had the tape measure the last time. I do middle of my boobs, belly button and just across the middle of my bum.

As for the food. I dont think you are doing that bad but maybe you could think about how much you are actually eating. It doesnt seem to be that much food and maybe you need to add in a snack in the morning as well. As you stated you arent getting to the required calories a day. Maybe cut up a carrot to have. Get out the old food pyramid and work out if you are having the required amounts from each group. You probably need to keep a food diary for a few weeks also. Do this religously. By not putting that mars bar in for the day you are only cheating yourself, not anybody else. Nobody else has to see this diary, unless you choose to. But then at least you can work out whether you really are eating too much fat or sugar or whatever. The only thing I could see with your diet is the fat content. You might not be getting to your amount of cals each day but your fat content maybe way way over. I have the same problem. I'll be miles under with the calories(when I can be bothered to use calorie king of course!!!) but 2 - 3 times over in the fat content. And sugar turns to fat in the body! Unfortunately......which really sucks. I love ice cream as well.....and chocolate and take away and anything else naughty. One thing you could think about if you want to have the ice cream is buying those little square cones. You can't fit all that much in them. Plus the kids will love them in cones(if they are little kids that is!!). Something to think about anyway.

My guess is you are probably like me and lose weight slowly. Dont worry too much about that. Bad habits take a long time to break. Just remember that!!! And I was once told that you cant expect to take that weight off too much quicker than how long it took to put it on. So if it took 5 years to put it on, dont expect to lose it in 5 weeks or so. If you lose 1kg a month then that is good weight loss and you are more likely to keep it off. Thats how I convince myself that my weightloss is good. Since January last year I have lost just under 5kg. I'm happy with that. I have probably about another 7 or 8 to go maybe even up 10 to be back to the 58 I was in 2001. But it took me 4 years to put it on and if it takes me 4 years to take it off well so be it. I'm not bothered by it. My goal this year is to lose 5kgs. I've lost 1.5kg so far. Last year I lost the 3 kgs and I have upped it to 5 this year.

On suggestion with your exercise. Its fab that you are doing the 25 mins at the gym, and the 5 mins walk there and back is your warm up and cool down. I would suggest you try and add another 5 mins at the gym each few weeks or so. If you have been doing the 25 mins since you started then maybe up it to 30 mins in the next week or so. The other suggestion would be a heart rate monitor. Dont rely on the pulse meters on the exercise equipment. They are nowhere near accurate. If you can get your hands on when then they are a very valuable piece of exercise equipment. I dont wear mine every day but I used to when I started out. You can really see what your heart is doing. You need to get your heart rate up to 60% of your maximum heart rate for at least 20 mins to be burning some fat. Your maximum heart rate is 220 - your age. So for me it is 186. I do go over this quite often but as long as you feel ok then its ok. Never push yourself to do more than what you feel comfortable with. The other thing to think about is interval exercise. Easy to do on both the cross trainer and the treadmill. To start with do 30 secs fast then usual pace again for 1.5 mins(recovery period). On the treadmill I do jog at 9.3km/h(average) and then walk at 6.7km/h. I noticed you said you are running at 7.5km/h. So I would suggest you start with run at 7.5km/h then recovery at 6. Do that for a few weeks then you can maybe move up to run at 8km/h. Test your body to see how you go. I tend to start out at 9.1km/h for the run and every 10 min block move it up .2km/h so I end up on 9.5km/h or even 9.7km/h. I've got to a good level of fitness now and will sprint for the last minute or so at 11km/h......I've got short legs so can't go much faster than that!!!! Plus I have moved up to 45sec run and 45sec recovery. But I would suggest you do the 30sec run 1.5min recovery for a good few weeks, then move up to 30sec run 1min recovery for the same amount of time or so, then again move up to 45 min run 1 min recovery, and then the 45/45. My next step will be run 1min recovery 45 sec but I wont be getting there before easter as I have only just moved to the 45/45. You must stretch well before and after. And drink during. You can easily do this on the cross trainer as well by changing the levels(resistance).

Anyway I have gone on and on and on. Sorry for the long winded post but I wanted to let you know you aren't alone but there are ways of changing things about. I can give you heaps more exercise ideas as well if you want to pm me anytime. You have to change things around for your body regularly as it gets stuck in a rut so to speak. Good luck with it all mate. We are here to support you. Now the washing machine calls for me to hang the washing out!!! :lol:

Keep Smiling!!!
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Postby bluebox451 » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:33 am

I cant believe this thread has gotten so nasty! :shock: :o :shock:
People who come to us for support should be given constructive criticism not nasty comments. Something they can take away and think about how to change their lifestyle. If I was newand got replies like that I would be horrified and probably wouldnt come back here. We want to get as many new members as possible, not turn them away. We're lucky she's not super-sensitive (which most overweight people are) and didnt go away and scoff a whole tub :shock: of icecream.
Hang in there, just keep going with what you're doing and soon you'll see results. Maybe change to interval training (as someone mentioned) as it burns more calories and make sure you include resistance training too. As for your food, it doesnt look too bad. As you said, cut the icecream down to every few days and maybe have the high carb meal (spaghetti) at lunch instead of dinner. For dinner, I try to stick to just lean protein (beef,chicken,fish) with salad or veg. I dont think eating carbs at night is a huge factor as long as you're not overdoing the portion sizes. I remember thinking I was OK but when I checked that a portion of pasta or rice was only meant o be half a cup i went :shock: :shock: :shock: . I was having a whole bowl!!!! If you like it, then have it but maybe just as a side serving to you vegies/meat. HOpe that helps. Dont be afraid to ask more questions, we are usually very supportive.
Liz :D
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Postby yummymummy » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:35 am

I hope you stick at it Tamara your post sounds like you are doing all the right things, I cant see how 4 Tb of icecream is going to affect you in the long run, 1/2 cup of icecream is only about 145calories, and the low fat icecreams usually just have more sugar so why bother swapping! I lost 16kgs and maintained it and still allowed myself to have a couple of glasses of wine when I wanted, Ive been on really restrictive diets in the past and I just found my self pilling all the weight lost when I stopped them.
I hope your body kicks into action for you soon - maybe you could try going to the doctor and have some blood tests done to check your tyroid function maybe your slow weight loss has something to do with that.
Please ignore the harsh comments! this is really a nice supportive group and there are some members on here who have had some excellent success on their weight loss journey and can help support you on the wayJody

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Postby Ally » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:43 am

Yes I agree Liz....I am locking this thread down due to its nasty nature it has taken....Tamara please do not be put off by what has been said....feel free to start you own thread in the Personal Progress section in order to continue your journey!

Tamara...slow and steady wins the race mate, and you are doing a great job in working out what is working for you....the majority of us a supportive and will help you to get to your goal and will give you a supportive kick up the bum when you need it...but please no more tearing people apart....this is not what this forum is about!
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