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Re: Optislim

Postby Retire_The_Fat » Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:35 am

I'm using optifast as a quick drop method and will start eating better in July.

I've done it before but missed the last part!

I have porridge for breakfast, an optifast bar for lunch and a shake at night. I dont like vegetables on their own so I have a glass of fresh juice in the mornings (kale, celery, ginger, apple, spinach, carrot) so feel I do OK.

One thing that I really do stress is the fluid intake. I have at least 2litres/day.

At first I cut down my caffeine intake and now only have 1/day at most.

If you check my diary you'll see that I'm not overly strict as I do go out and eat if someone has prepared a meal for me.

BTW I have spoken to ppl who are going for bariatric surgery and they've told me their surgeon has told them to go onto optifast to lose a certain amount of weight before the surgery.

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