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Excerpts from Books-Who Would Like Some?

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Excerpts from Books-Who Would Like Some?

Postby Roar2Life » Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:35 pm

Hi all. The website is one I found one day when looking for goalkeeping books. It has heaps of different books on exercise, sport, nutrition, etc. Some are aimed at professionals (eg. nutritionists) an cost hundreds of dollars while others are aimed at the general population and are reasonably priced. However, on the website there are heaps of excerpts from different books and i've saved them all to word documents so if you would like a copy of them tell me which one/s (see list below) by pm'ing me with your email address and i'll send them to you. Some are short while others are considerably longer. I'm not going to post them all up because i'd need permission to do that and there's way too many. If you like the excerpt and are interested in the book, the title of the book should be under the title of the article.

So here's the list:
-Matrix Stretching Techniques
-Personal Flexibility Assessment
-Stretching Effectively
-Stretching Techniques
-Ten Principles for Stretching Success
-Three Step Stretch System
-When to Stretch

-Body Conditioning
-Build Awareness
-Changing Your Outlook
-Create Solutions
-Fat in Women
-Morphological Differences Between Women and Men
-Preventing the Triad (inc. things like body image)
-Setting Goals and Rewarding Yourself
-Training to Improve Body Composition
-Using Interval Training
-When Does Dieting Become Disordered Eating
-Why You Should Squat
-Working Toward a Healthy Body Image

-Basic Drives and Motives
-Mental Rehearsal and Visualization

-Becoming Confident
-Gain from Setbacks and Transitions
-Learn from Doing
-The Two Essential Zones of Life

-An Idea for Busting Barriers
-Exploring New Possibilities
-Fast Food Without the Fat
-Healthy Choices for Busy Families
-Healthy Eating
-Making Changes
-Setting Goals and Rewarding Yourself (different to earlier article)
-Skipping Meals

-10 Tips for Avoiding Excess Weight Gain
-Common Ground: Energy Food Consumption
-Energizing Your Exercise
-Energy Food Consideration
-Recovery After Hard Cardio

A few of the articles are from books designed for sports/athletes (mainly psychology) but I think most of those articles are still interesting and can still help non-athletes.

By the way, sorry for the long post and I am in no way associated with the website-I just find some of their articles really interesting and wanted to share. :D
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Sat Jun 16, 2007 8:08 am

wow there are a few there i am interested in roar. ill let you know :) ta
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