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Ok My soon to be thin friends

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Ok My soon to be thin friends

Postby Maraver » Wed Jun 15, 2005 7:16 am

Good Morning
I was going to suggest Wednesday for our weigh in and I stood on the scales this morning and the batteries had gone flat so its Thursday Morning we will start, shall we all start at week one tomorrow, maybe Scott :lol: he is the brains of the outfil can organise a spread sheet for us
Lets all get going this week and to use an exoression of my ex Mother in law I have been pontificating around tooooooooooo much.
Tonite we are off out for tea so I will have my last wine cos I really need to cut down, but I enjoy drinking I enjoying relaxing after work with a glass of wine but if I drink I eat more so its a vicous circle, I shall say farewell to chocolate forever with a boost bar for morning tea.

So come on girl lets go
I shall probably post first in the morning cos I am always up at the crack of dawn

cya you on line in the morning
Maybe we shall just keep one post for the weigh in each week
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