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Losing weight on a student budget

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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Losing weight on a student budget

Postby bit_o_dust » Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:56 am

I'm a poor uni student living in college and I need some advice on how to lose weight without spending a fortune. The food at college is disgusting and greasy but I can't afford to buy healthy food and have no facilities to prepare food for myself.

Gyms are also out of my price range so any cheap exercise suggestions would also be most welcome and appreciated!
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Thu Jul 05, 2007 9:14 am

maybe head over to to see if you can work out how many calories you are supposed to have a day and how many calories are in the foods at your uni.

try and do as much incidental exercise as you can and if your uni has a pool or a gym make use of it. check out other peoples exercise diaries in the section on the forum and you might get an idea of what you need to do in order to lose the weight.

best wishes!
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Postby Ses » Thu Jul 05, 2007 10:28 am

walking is free. So is jogging. Check out the "couch to 5K" program, thats gets you jogging 5k safely.......

Talk to the cook who prepares college food about some low-fat options. Eat more salad and less sandwich........

Get a walking group together from the college.....

Use stairs whenever possible. I used to do the 14 levels if I had a 1/2 hour break - indoor excercise that was free!
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Postby grugwashere » Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:02 am

I think everyone has some great ideas...
walking is great and low impact... stairs are fabulous and i am currently doing the Couch to 5k running program.. if you have an ipod (or Mp3) u can download a special pod cast for it.. if not a stop watch or just counting in your head will do. Also situps and pushups are good for toning, lifting heavy text books could suffice as weights... and just making the healthiest choice out of whats on offer.. also working out your calories would help.

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Postby Dee » Thu Jul 05, 2007 12:39 pm

Buy up on fruit and veg like carrots, etc that can be eaten raw. That way you can snack on them and reduce the amount of greasy preprepared uni food. You'll prbably fnd it works out cheaper too.
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Postby milkyway » Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:58 pm

Lots of good advice posted here already. Walking and running are two great ways to lose weight and improve your general fitness level. Throw in some push ups, tricep dips, squats and sit ups as well. Scour your local op shops for any gym equipment such as dumb bells or a swiss ball, exercise videos/dvds etc.

Surely you can prepare a salad or make a healthy sandwich in your living quarters even if you can't cook?
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