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trouble with weight loss. adding duromine. advice please

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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trouble with weight loss. adding duromine. advice please

Postby anom » Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:25 pm

i apolgize for the big post. im having one of those bad days. i posted this in another forum as im trying to get as much advice as i can. i tried on my wedding dress last night and it was very tight to squeeze into - this morning i tried it on and it was fine. note to self: get into dress in the morning and sit in it the whole day haha. i bloat quite badly obviously. in addition im trying to lose 6kgs in 4 weeks. in the past year i have only dropped 4kgs but i know i have gained alot of muscle (friends/family say that i am thin/thinner now) so im just confused, my details are below:

-Stats (age, height, weight, Body fat %)

25, 163cm, 67kg. don't know body fat. according to doc/bmi am slightly overweight.

-Diet (in detail meal to meal, overall daily caloric intake, ratios)

breakfast - an apple, 2 pieces of corn thins (like rice cake but corn) - about 30 calories a piece[on bad days i.e. once or twice a week- on occassion a dollop of almond spread]

break - an apple with 1 piece of wholemeal salada 'crispbread'

lunch: varies; salad (no dressing or fish sauce if asian salad), vegetables (Stir fry- cooked at home, the whole dish may have had approx 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil), tofu, chicken pieces, usually vegetarian. minimal carbs though if i do have any carbs, lunch would be when i'd have a couple of spoons of rice or a thin wrap.

3pm- apple or some other fruit. if not i may have some corn thins or a couple of rice cakes - i am driving home at this time to gym usually. this is the worse time - i can eat alot of artificially sweetened lollies or have a diet cola. which though i know is low in calorie- is not good for me because i get bloated or makes me feel sick before gym. a

7-8pm - i know im not suppose to eat late but i usually can't get to gym/classes until this time so i finish around 8 - i don't have any rice/pasta but do have whatever dishes my mum has cooked. she is generally very healthy and believe in the 'don't use much fat but in a big dish you need to add a few tablespoons of olive oil'- so imagine a mass dish for like 6 people - but i will consume obviously one portion...maybe around 200 cals..... this is the food i usually pack for lunch the next day. sometimes i may just have soup (water+chicken bones: boiled forever to make chicken broth and then we just add vegetables into it) though i haven't lately. i always have to finish with some fruit -

the thing is i know where im going wrong- i.e. i can eat alot at night- after the dish, lately i've been eating alot of blueberreis with yoghurt or durian (FEELS like it is high in fat!), and almonds/cashews. so definately the past week has been bad for me.

the bad: in the last couple of months i had an obsession with green tea chillers (no cream) from a local coffee club- maybe once a week. also started eating cheese alot- 4 light slices a day with a piece of bread a day as well as at night for my 'fruit' a handful of frozen blueberries with a tablespoon of low fat yoghurt and a spoon of muesli on top- crazy with them.) this lasted a month and i've only recently stopped eating the cheese and bread. i went through a 2 week lolly consumption after discovering a local lolly store and eating about 10 pieces of licorce/variety every couple of days- stopped that obviously. so i know that screwed me up too. -insert gasps and cursing of 'omg u idiot- u know where your problem is!'

-Exercise routine in detail (cardio/weight training)
its changed from hardcore to crappy because changes in timetable but i try to stick to:

tuesday: 1hour (if not 40mins of light running (speed 9.5) then a Les Mills body attack class followed by a spin class)

wednesday: run (speed if im feeling good i try to stay on 10.5/11 else around 9.5) for at least 30mins to max 45... else a pump class and then a cycle class.

thursday: no gym. or walk the dog for 20mins. else- another high impact class or run/cross trainer for 45mins.

friday: if i've been to the gym then i take today off. else running on the treadmill only for about 45mins.

saturday: attack class followed by rpm cycle class.

sunday: pump class and or jog on treadmill for 30mins.

monday: varies: running or cycle or high impact aerobics class.

free weights i might do 10minutes in between waiting for classes or something.

note that above sounds like im doing pretty well..but the last couple of weeks i've noticed that u could replace some of those runs with lazy half running... on good days i can really get into it and do 8kilometres at least in my 45minutes. its not motivation im lacking. maybe tired from work (i leave the house from 6am till about 5pm and go to gym straight after)- though i don't want to use that as an excuse. im motivated. just abit lazy i suspect. damn it!

-Clear reason and question for the post

Note all the above: i started the gym last september. since then i've only dropped 4 kgs! i'm one dress size down. i have a very negative body image of myself however people on the outside assume i've lost at least 6kgs. i don't know how much muscle mass i've put on wiht my weights/pump classes. i have noticed chances and people have said im thinner and healthy looking -"your not fat now!"= though the scales and BMI tell me different things. Im a bride in 4 weeks time and am desperate to drop at least 6kgs so i visited my doctor who prescribed duromine for me. we didnt go with the xenical because my fat intake isnt that high and my problem seems to be my increase in hunger after gym late at night. (eat around 7-8. sleep around 12am). i have never taken this stuff before but have talked to the pharmacist and googled alot about it and am giving it a try. i know the side effects and for 1mth they all say it should be fine.

my question is: based on all that information: can i lose the 6kgs in 4 weeks- the "reality" me is saying YES- even without the duromine i should have based on my low food consumption and exercise if i hadn't started on the dairy and carbs. so if im back to my normal eating habits - no bingefests on lollies, carbs, cheese etc. and exercising properly == plus the addition of duromine which hopefully means come 3pm i don't have massive cravings for food and at night am more controlled- i should be able to do it yeah?

-Current and overall goal

lose 6kg in 4 weeks. in general i am a healthy person. if not for my current obsession to lose weight the last year for the wedding, i would have the same type of diet, with the rare occasional junk. if i go out i opt for any light/no dressing salads or stirfries/grilled meals. in high school i was very fat but if i wasn't so crazy over this weight loss i think i'd be happy with my body the way i am going now- so after this 4 weeks i want to maintain my exercising- probably with work increasing would have to cut down to 4 days a week at gym ..but overall a healthier lifestyle.

-How long you have been doing what you are doing in diet and routine

cutting out junk totally -ignoring that month of craziness - then 1 year. gym 1year.

if you actually read all that and give me advice/support you have NO idea how much i appreciate it. don't know if anyone knows the phrase along the lines of; it doesn't matter how thin you get, if mentally your not thinking right, you will always be fat'- i am that person.... :(


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Postby ali » Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:51 pm

Hey, I have the same problem with thinking fat. Even when I was at my lightest I still thought I was fat, now I wish I looked like that again! Im guess im just so used to being overweight its hard to see when you are actually skinny.

Anyway, back to your question...

Wow, Im impressed! You do so well with your exercise and your diet seems pretty good. Im not sure why you havent lost more weight!

Do you count calories? I know its an annoying task but its not bad once you get used to it, even if you just count for one average day. Because since watching what I eat I realised that the cals can
creep up without even realising it.

My main problem is snacking. After dinner and Ive reached my cal limit I look to the cupboard for snacks and before I know it ive consumed a few hundred cals! Its amazing how they can creep up on you, so maybe if you think you are eating the right amount of cals, you are actually eating too many without realising it.

You probably have put on quite a bit of muscle too, with all that cardio like running and the bikes, pump, etc, that can increase your muscle mass too even if you dont do heaps of weights/resistance.

I know about Duromine and lots of people are against it, and usually I would say no to something like that because they just arnt good for you, and also you are barely overweight, and drastic things like duromine are usually only prescribed to people who are severely obese and need to drastically lose weight for their health.

However, having said that, I can completely relate to being desperate to reach your goal weight before your wedding! I would be worrying too! I think its possible to lose the 6kgs in 4 weeks with the help of duromine, however its a lot to lose in a little time and its not usually advised, especially when you dont need to lose much.

But I believe if thats what you really want then it will probably work. Duromine is a very effective pill in reducing your appetite and seeing as your exercise is great then it may be your cal intake that is effecting your weight loss. So duromine may work for you. It will stop you feeling the need to snack, which is often the cause of excess cals!

Good luck, I really hope you lose the weight before your wedding, BUT be careful! Taking weight loss pills can be dangerous and should only be used for short periods of time. So just monitor yourself carefully! Good luck.

P.S Someone on this site is using duromine... I thinks its Immortal but im not sure... so perhaps if you are curious you can read their progress page and see how its works for them, or ask them about it. Just a thought.
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Postby zeedeveelgirl » Wed Aug 29, 2007 3:45 pm

I think you may need to eat more!!! You do a stack of exercise, and you need the energy to be able to put 100% into your workouts. Your problem could be that you may not be eating enough? Have you thought of maybe using a food diary like to work out how much food you're eating in kJs? Carbs aren't the enemy, they don't make you put on any more weight than protein does, and you need Carbs for energy! Protein is great as they are the 'building blocks' for muscles, but Carbs are what gives you your energy.

Don't beat yourself up too much, your weight for your height isn't fat at all!? BMI is overrated, don't use this as your basis for losing weight as it doesn't take into account muscle, water etc etc.
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Postby anom » Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:25 pm

yeah but in general i have minimal carbs because i don't like the bulky feeling i get.

oh yeah last time on radio they were talking about the accuracy of bmi. my doctor who i affectionately call mrs. adolf because she is one scary woman who talks in a loud voice to the point where it sounds like she is yelling at me (im still scared thinking about it. if i smoked i'd go to her to try to quit)....

day one of all i ahve to say. i read someone elses post elsewhere saying they had to remember to eat and now i know why. at this time during hte day i'd be craving ANYTHING- or if i open the fridge i'd want to eat something- but i don't get that feeling.

thanks for the reply. i have additional problems involving intolerance to alot of foods that contribute to me feeling bloaty and therefore thinking 'sh!t i've eaten alot today' - which is also why i minimise the carbs.
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Postby anom » Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:26 pm

oh and yeah i joined calorieking today =)
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