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Face of Fashion

Postby Fireball » Fri Sep 14, 2007 8:50 pm

Have the judges of fashion, confused "schoolie week" and "fashion week"? I am saddened by the decision to have a 12 year old child represent adult fashion in the adult parade for Fashion Week.

There has been so much press about fashion influencing females resulting in illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia that is is shocking to me that this kind of twisted thinking is allowed to be perpetuated. There have been strong links between portrayal of female role models who are too thin; now females are supposed to relate their maturing bodies which are naturally endowed with a layer of fat to that of an immature, ie 12 year old. This is devaluing to mature women and lends to the sexualisation of children. Growing girls need to be able to see healthy, real women as their role models of the future not a child dressed up. Given that in many areas they are now starting to use "real live women" as models this whole thing is retrograde.

I read an article a while back, in one of the newspaper magazines(Advertiser or Australian can't rememeber which) about women removing their body hair. It was an eye opener! It suggested that fashion is now pandering to immature men that consider the female form should display features that are prepubescent not adult, ie lack of body hair (and I note, trend towards lack of fat deposits which are a part of the range of normal healthy development for women). It is thanks to the same hormones that turn a young girl into a women over time the body changes, layers of fat are laid down as are body hair such as the underarm and pubic hair. I was stunned by what this article was saying but had to acknowledge it appeared to be happening as our society is so hooked on looking youthful. Now we have a panel of judges who I presume are supposed to be fashion gurus who can choose a child to represent adults. They said they didn't realise she was only 12 - well I took one look at the her on tv and she definitely looks like a child to me, even under a thick layer of makeup.

If they think that is what fashion is about, we need to find some new fashion gurus.

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