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I cant excerise

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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I cant excerise

Postby JL77 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:07 am

I cant being myself to do any, why? I dont know. I used to really enjoy it. I cant even be bothered sitting on the excerise bike fore 5 min... Fat lazy bum

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Postby electrongirl » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:34 am

I know the feeling.

I donate money fortnightly to my local gym!!

I'm not the best person to offer advice as I am the biggest lazy ass I know, but I do know from past experience that its the first workout thats the hardest, they get better after that one.

So just get through the first one and you'll be fine!!
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Postby soon2bayummymummy » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:37 am

yes its definely easy not to exercise but after that first workout- even its just a quick walk it gets your body and mind into losing weight mode but yeah its doing that first workout. GOODLUCK
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Postby HappyBella55 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:09 pm

It gets easier the more you do it.

The first couple of times you are just going to have to force yourself to do it. After you finish you'll be surprised at how good you feel.

Use that feeling for your next workout.

Remember everything can't happen overnight but if you work at it a little bit everyday it will get easier for you.
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Postby Ledzeppelin2007 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:39 pm

i'm 18 years old and have afew good mates. Lately my friend Chris and I have been going there together as a team [let me just say tho chris is the most un-reliable friend i have] and sometimes he misses sessions but this week i talked a couple of other mates into trying the gym as a trail and both loved it and decide to join up, i find it alot more enjoyable with mates goin, spesh after a long workout where they push you to do more and it's like tour competin against them too, and afterwards we hit the spa for 20mins and have a really good chat and wind down. i really enjoy it.
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Postby vanessa0305 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 1:40 pm

When I first started this journey I absolutely hated exercise. But I wanted to lose weight so badly that I made myself get out and walk every day. Then it became a habit to do it which made it easier. I joined Curves when it got too boring and did that 4 times a week and walking in between. Now I go to a regular gym and love it. If I don't get there at least 5 times a week I get upset. I still don't 'love' exercise, I love what it does for me, I love the results.

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Postby Chief » Sun Oct 07, 2007 2:15 pm

its definitely surprising how much easier it gets, My records of using the stationary bike start of as 10min session a day, then i dropped to a 5 and another 5 then a few 10's, last week i was able to do 15min sessions with a couple 20's, last night i pushed myself and done a half hour session with out any serious drainage.

so even pushing yourself to start off with a 5min session will benefit you.
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Postby JL77 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:51 pm

The thing is I used to excerise and got down to 74kg. I would do an areobic dvd, circut or excerise every day but I know how much it became a routine and I ended up hating it and I got bored of my dvd;s..

I am going to get hubby to set up foxtel so we can tape and I will do areobics oz style a few times a week, plus I play netball and I will take it from there.

Starting Weight 20/1/08 ~ 86kg
28/1/08 ~ 85kg
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Postby help6363 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:55 pm

Just start out small.....make small changes and it will happen. Maybe start exercising once a week and then just build up! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Oh...... I just read your last post are going to start to exercise. EXCELLENT!!!!!
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Postby dietcoke » Sun Oct 07, 2007 9:30 pm

Even if I have a day or two off from exercise I feel exactly the same way as you. I don't really like the thought of exercise but it really does feel good to put on some music and go for a walk. Use that time to sort through your thoughts. If you just let your mind wander the time flies and sometimes I end up almost home and can't remember how I got there :?
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Most people start off the same

Postby icanbehottoo » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:07 pm

I find the best way to start exercise particular if it's been a while is no some classes. That way you do it for the length of time and not give up after 10 minutes. Maybe start off with someone gentle like yoga or pilates to build up your muscle strength and flexibility but it also give you some routine and eventually you'll build on that. It usually gets me going again. Exercising doens't take too much - an hour a day - and after a few weeks you will feel so much better about yourself it's worth it!
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Postby rivenriver » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:53 pm

Do something physical that's not "exercise". Trick your mind. Rather than going for a session of the stationary bike, get your real bike out of the shed and go for a 15 minute ride to the shops. It's just as physical, but it's not "exercise", so that mental hurdle is easier to leap. :)

Personally, I can't do "exercise". I go a trial membership at a gym and didn't go, I decided to try jogging and didn't, etc etc. But I love my dance classes, and I found out recently I love bike riding. I feel like there's more of a purpose than just "exercise", so it's a lot easier to get up and do it.
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Postby Ally » Mon Oct 08, 2007 8:19 am

Hey mate have you tried the Walk Away the Pounds dvds?? these are simple and fun, but get your heartrate moving! I find they are a really great motivator!! :)
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