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What do you usually eat everyday?

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Postby candycane » Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:44 pm

Hey sarah, whats in your bran pancakes? they sound tasty :)
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Postby SarahC » Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:45 pm

They are extremely delicious. I soak 45g of bran and a few splenda tablets in boiling water, then add about 5g psyllium husks, half a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of vanilla essence, 20g of protein powder (chocolate or vanilla) and an egg, mix it together with a fork and cook it in my little frying pan. I sometimes add a teaspoon of instant coffee to the chocolate ones to make a mocha pancake, but I'm trying to cut back on coffee so only sometimes :wink:
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Postby Post baby fat » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:55 pm


I eat a cereal called Granola with skim milk(it's mostly a whole grain cereal which is low Gi. It keeps me till morning tea and sometimes even till lunch)

Piece of chesse or a piece of fuit.

Whole grain bread or roll with some sort of protien (ham, chicken or tuna) with salad. Yogert. and a green apple. (apple good for fibre and to help with sugar cravings.

Afternoon tea. Choc nut bar. This has almonds and other nuts which contain omega 3. The slight amount of Chocolate helps me to get my chocolate fix without eating an actual chocolate bar.

Protien with vegitables and some carbs. (example; chichen stir fry.)
If I feel like eating bad I will make homemade pizza on wholemeal pita bread or I will make home made hamburgers or home made kebabs using minuet steak. i feel like I'm eating take away but Its much healthier because I'm not using oil.

i have started planing most of my meals and find kilajoule counting to be very intresting because I've learnt how to eat right without ever feeling hungrey.

Ps. Can you girls please help me to put my profile together and to add a weight tracker? I have set one up but have no idea where to put it..... I had a baby a yr ago and am finally ready to shed this weight. I started at 84kgs and am now 76kgs.
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Postby apalmer » Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:00 pm

Usually fruit, vegetables and other stuff.

I start off with fruit salad and an iced coffee for breakfast. Nibble on carrots till lunch. Then cook myself a big salad sandwich and for dinner some gluten free pasta. With assorted stuff in between.
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